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India: International Social Work Program


If you are interested in this program, please contact Dr. Jed Metzger directly.


Please contact:
Dr. Jed Metzger
Associate Professor of Social Work & Program Coordinator
Phone: 585-395-8454
Off-Campus Office: Downtown

India: International Social Work Program

General Program Description

 Objectives of Social Work Short-Term Program

  • To develop an understanding of the growth and development of social work in India
  • To discuss the social work education and practice adopted by the schools of social work in India today.
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the various health and social issues and challenges in India
  • To observe and understand the governmental and non-governmental initiatives for social development in Kerala, India.
  • To assess the role of social work in addressing social issues
  • To observe and understand the initiatives taken by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences for social development in Kerala.

Please view the Social Work in India Brochure for additional information.

Program Highlights:

Social work models practiced in the United States are embedded in U.S. culture and social constructions. Many international societies do not share these social constructions. For today’s social worker, practicing abroad or in the U.S. with immigrant or refugee populations, an international lens is needed to be an effective practitioner. The influence of cultural understandings and the impact of those forces on individuals, families, organizations, the community and the wider societal context are integrated throughout the course.

Please note: This is considered a Greater Rochester Collaborative MSW Program (SWK 450/650) International Social Work

Program Details

Course Information

This course is deigned to introduce students to international social work practice abroad. Students develop knowledge and skills in culturally competent approaches to effectively enhance assets and empower individuals, families, groups, agencies, and communities within an international context, specifically within developing countries. This course provides a beginning knowledge base for international social work practice from a collaborative perspective with emphasis on reciprocity with the host culture, to address the challenges of human rights, poverty, child abuse and neglect, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, community development, and environmental justice.

SWK 450/650 Syllabus

SWK 450/650 Bibliography


The next trip is planned for January 2015 for students to attend the International Social Work Conference.

Tentative Schedule

Attend the International Social Work Conference for 4 days.

Travel to the Amrita Ashram

Tour the Backwaters

Provide service-learning in orphanages.

Attend classes in India with other Rajagiri College Social Work majors.

Costs and Financial Aid

India is a fairly inexpensive country with airfare being the largest expense.

Approximately for 15 days in India is $3,000 all inclusive.

Application Deadlines

Application deadline: June 2014

Travel Documents

All students will need a valid passport that continues to be valid at least six months after the conclusion of the semester program in India. They will also need to obtain travel insurance and a tourist visa.

Living Accommodations

The students will stay at a variety of places including: Ernakulam YMCA, homestays in Kottayam, St. Alphonsa Pilgrimage site, Rajagiri College, and Amrita ashram.

About India

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences was established in Kochi in 1955. The School of Social Work was one of the pioneering institutions in South India, establishing programs and setting the standards for the field. Rajagiri has successfully established and maintained an atmosphere of learning and the highest level of academic performance by providing state-of-the-art infra-structure and facilities. International partnerships have been established with reputed Social Work institutions across the globe. This allows the College, the faculty and the students at Rajagiri to become truly global, with its graduates being placed and working internationally.

Please see the websites below for more information:

Amrita University

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

St. Alphonsa Pilgrimage

Republic of India

Information about India

The World Factbook: India

Student Blogs

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