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Undergraduate Handbook 2014-2015

Clinical Issues

Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Pre-clinical Observation Hours
Minimum Departmental GPA
Professional Liability Insurance

General Information

Professional Credentials and Requirements

Four-Year Plan of Action

Teacher Certification Issues

Applying to the Initial Teacher Certification Program

Students interested in the optional NYS Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities initial certification program need to apply for admission to this track. This occurs during CSD 359 Pre-Clinical Observation in Speech, Language, and Hearing. Upon acceptance to this track, the certification option will be added to a student's Naznet program evaluation.

Maintaining Eligibility for the Initial Teacher Certification Program

Students in the teacher certification program must maintain good standing in the major, must show signs of adequate progress toward meeting minimum GPAs (i.e. the 3.0 minimum major GPA for clinical work, the colleges' minimum 2.7 overall GPA for student teaching, and the minimum CSD GPA of 3.0 for student teaching as of Fall 2012), must meet minimum course grade requirements for student teaching (i.e. "C" or higher grades in EDU 204 and 475, PSY 221, CSD 335, 360, 361; and "B" or higher grades twice in CSD 362(L)), and must demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with those expected of teachers in order to remain in the program.

Fingerprinting Requirement

The NYS Department of Education requires all teacher certification applicants be fingerprinted and for those fingerprints to be cleared through the fingerprint registry. Fingerprinting must be completed according to NYS DoE guidelines and through an approved agency. Because it often takes 15 to 20 weeks for fingerprints to be processed, and if there is a clarity problem they might need to be redone, it is strongly recommended that you complete this requirement in the Junior year, and at least one semester prior to student teaching.

NYS Teacher Exams

Students applying for initial certification on or after May 1, 2014 will be required to take new NYS teacher exams: Educating All Students Test

Academic Literacy Skills Test

Monitor for the content and availability of these new exams.

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