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Student Milestones

Supplement to the CSD Undergraduate Handbook


Freshman Year

  • Students considering the teacher certification option should take PSY 101 or PSY 102.   One of these is a prerequisite course for PSY 221 that you need for the teacher certification program.

Sophomore Year

  • Complete application for clinical/ teacher certification program option in CSD 359.
  • Complete observation hours prior to Junior clinic experience.

Junior Year

  • Fingerprinting is required by State Ed. prior to initial certification.  Complete this requirement at least one semester prior to student teaching.
  • Complete NYS teacher certification exams PRIOR to student teaching. You must pass these exams to be eligible for certification as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities. 
  • Required Bloodborne Pathogen training is conducted in CSD 360. If you miss this training, you must make arrangements to obtain it on your own. It must be repeated every 12 months.
  • Establish a credential file with Career Services.
  • Begin preparing a resume for your student teaching application, which will be a part of your Clinic II (361) class. A sample resume is available on the Career Services pages of the Nazareth College web site. The Career Services Department will be happy to assist you in developing your resume; make an appointment by calling 389-2878.
  • Your student teaching application is due in the spring semester prior to the year that you plan to student teach. Watch for posted signs -- deadline is usually just before spring break. *EDU 475 Health Education and Child Abuse and Violence Prevention workshop may be taken in any semester prior to student teaching.
  • Take the GRE early enough so that you can retake it if you wish before you apply to graduate school.

Senior Year

  • The Undergraduate Comprehensive Exam is conducted in the final semester and covers material from all CSD professional area courses. Register for comps when you sign up for your last semester of classes.
  • Update Bloodborne Pathogen training if needed before student teaching. It must be repeated every 12 months.
  • Graduate school application deadlines vary. Nazareth's are October 1st for spring semester admission and February 1st for fall semester. Plan ahead for letters of recommendation!
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