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The residence hall community at Nazareth is divided into four areas with an Area Director or Assistant Director (AD) for each area. Their responsibilities lie in general areas, including dissemination of important student affairs functions in their residential area; assigned business operations; and responsibilities as a member of the professional staff. These can include developing goals and programs to contribute to the intellectual, cultural and social growth of resident students; supervising and counseling student staff; administering all Residential Life and College policies; and maintaining liaison relationships with the Nazareth Community.

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Jane KellyJane Kelly

Director of Campus Life, Assistant Vice President for Student Development

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After 24 years in Student Activities at Nazareth, Jane is coming back to her roots in Residence Life!  A native of Massena, NY, she did her bachelors and masters degrees at St. Lawrence University and then continued to work in residence at DePauw University and Elmira College before coming to Nazareth in 1988. Her specialties include conflict resolution and mediation, event management and mentoring. She has a special interest in working with our international students and making campus feel like a home away from home.  Her two adult children are engineers and in her free time she enjoys baking, knitting and visiting her children.

Linda Brasley

Linda Brasley

Executive Secretary

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Prior to coming to Residential Life, Linda worked in the Department of Nursing and Multi-Cultural Affairs. She is a graduate of Hartwick College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish Education. Linda also did her post-graduate work at SUNY Brockport and Middlebury College. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department, including typing, filing, maintaining the student data base and, most of all, providing a listening ear. She is very patient and can identify with undergraduates since she is the mother of two young adults. Her daughter received her MA degree from Nazareth in 2006 and has been teaching TESOL (English as a Second Language) in North Carolina. Her son is attending the "rival" college down the street (we won't mention names) and will soon be graduating with a MA in Communications. She has also taught Spanish and continues to do so in a tutoring capacity in the evenings for both junior high and high schools students. Linda says she is modifying her job title on campus to Maternal Operations Manager, better known as "MOM."

Area Directors

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The residence hall community at Nazareth is divided into four areas with an area director or assistant director (AD) for each area community. The AD is the staff member responsible for creating and maintaining an environment conducive to the growth and well-being of students assigned to a given residential area. Their responsibilities include dissemination of important student development functions in their residential areas and assigned business operations. These can include developing goals and programs that contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and social growth of resident students. ADs have strong supervisory, programming, conflict resolution, and management skills. They are responsible for supervising and advising student staff; administering all residential life and college policies; and assisting in developing learning communities where each individual can develop intellectually while also appreciating and enjoying the rich cultural, ethnic, sexual, and racial diversity. ADs seek to encourage support for the worth and dignity of each resident as they assist in the education of students, allowing each resident to develop character, knowledge, integrity, tolerance, respect, and civic responsibility.


Photo of Tolbert, Isaiah Lee

Isaiah Tolbert

Area Director


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Director of Lourdes, Medaille, and the French House

Isaiah is a 2007 alum of Nazareth College with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. As a student, he was an RA and class president. Since graduation he has worked as a residence hall director at SUNY Geneseo and Monroe Community College. Originally from Lynn, MA, Isaiah is an avid Red Sox and New England Patriots fan.

Jenn SelemanJenn Seleman

Area Director


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Director of Kearney Hall

Jenn joins our department after studying at Boston College in its College of Arts and Sciences and Lynch School of Education while working for its Office of Residential Life.  She earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Ancient Civilization.  She holds two master's degrees - one in Higher Education Administration and one in Counseling Psychology.  Jenn served her clinical internship as a substance abuse counselor at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston.  An avid Red Sox,  Falcons and Bruins fan, Jenn enjoys playing tennis and golf.  And she is a Pittsford native!

Photo of Veney, AshleyAshley Veney

Area Director


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Director of O'Connor Complex


Other Roles

Graduate Resident Assistants (GRAs)

A Graduate Resident Assistant is a graduate student with prior Student Affairs experience. GRAs are responsible for assisting in the development of a supportive, functioning environment within the apartments. This involves helping to create a climate that is conducive to academic achievement, good scholarship and engagement as well as helping students make preparation for the transition from college to the "real" world.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

A Resident Assistant is an upper class student who has been trained to plan activities and programs, help build hall community, help other students deal with problems and stay within College guidelines, and assist in the growth and development of well-rounded students. RAs are social, optimistic, enthusiastic and they are the life blood of the Residential Life Staff. They are also involved in most academic and co-curricular areas of the Nazareth community. To name a few, our RAs are Dean's List students, play varsity sports, and are active in the Partners for Learning Program. Their majors range from Social Work to Economics. This is our long-winded way of saying our RAs are friendly, competent and diverse. Please take advantage of your RA's efforts to create a positive community. If your RA cannot help you deal with an issue or answer a question, he or she will refer you to the appropriate resource person.

Student Workers

The Department of Residential Life offers several opportunities for students to find employment. We have students working in our office as support staff. We are responsible for supervision of the Student Mailroom where you receive your mail and pick up all packages, except express mail. The Game Room in Lourdes is also under our jurisdiction. We participate in the annual Job Fair, so check us out if you need campus employment. We work hard, but we are friendly and have lots of fun. Occasionally you can find a doughnut or some other goodie in our office. You will always find a nice smiling face with lots of answers or a ready referral.

Residence Hall Council

The Residence Hall Council is responsible for planning activities and programs and serves as the governing body for the halls. Each floor elects a representative to the Council. The floor representatives are responsible for gathering the opinion of the students of his/her floor and providing feedback. The Hall Council representative can call floor meetings to discuss issues of concern to residents and to announce upcoming events. Council reps are elected at the beginning of the semester. Your council can only be as active as you make it, get involved!

Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing is a floor, suite, or house where students with similar interests live, study, and socialize together. These spaces are created where a group of undergraduates sharing a common interest come together with a commitment to learn and live together. Special Interest Houses and Floors are communities created and continued by students with the support and involvement of academic departments and faculty members. Such spaces provide environments that encourage in-depth exploration of academic disciplines and/or special interests. The interests served by special interest housing are as diverse as the student population at Nazareth College.

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