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China: History & Cultural Perspectives


Program application will be available Mid-Fall 2013


Please contact:
Dr. Nevan Fisher
Associate Professor of History & Program Co-Coordinator
Phone: (585) 389-2988
Office: G 461

Dr. Yuan-Ting Zhao
Professor of Theatre Arts & Program Co-Coordinator
Phone: (585) 389-2786
Office: Arts Center 18

China: History & Cultural Perspectives

The 2014 Nazareth in China trip is a short-term study abroad experience that fully immerses college students in the culture, history, society, and economy of China. For 15-18 days, students will crisscross the country with Professors Nevan Fisher and Yuanting Zhao, specialists in China’s history and performing arts. The experience is designed to expose students to China’s rich diversity and dynamic vibrancy – traits largely unknown to most Americans. By exploring the country through the prism of “paired opposites,” students will witness this diversity themselves. We will travel from rich coastal areas to poor interior zones, study the clash of traditions with the fast paced race to modernize, witness explosive capitalism under the watchful gaze of the Communist Party, and experience the dizzying shift from extreme urbanization to sleepy rural villages.

The 15-18 day national study tour follows a grand circuit across China’s vast expanse, running counterclockwise from the north to the east. It includes the megacities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an, as well as the remote mountains of Hunan Province in the central southwest, and the rice fields and karst topography of the far south. These locations include both the political and economic capitals of the country, and the historic capital of an empire more than a thousand years into the past; they also include the dramatic natural landscape featured so prominently in traditional Chinese paintings, and now, even in contemporary American cinema.

Course Information/Content

As a liberal arts course worth 1 credit, our primary expectation of students is to view this course as an experience-based "laboratory" class taken “in the field.” This credit is associated with one mandatory course taken from a variety of relevant class offerings in the 2013-2014 academic year, and in consultation with Professors Zhao and Fisher. Every moment of every day you are learning, be it through what you see, do, eat, hear, and breathe. Once you arrive in China you must maintain a daily academic journal, responding to “prompt” questions that you are asked in advance. In addition, we will conduct 4 hour-long group discussions during the tour that focus intensively on what we have seen and experienced. These discussions are designed to focus upon social, economic, and political developments that are obvious to witness during the national tour, but that might need some elaboration/explanation to be fully understood. 


Please note that this is the 2010 program, and it will certainly change for 2014. We will spend fewer days in Beijing, cut out the trip to Shandong Province, add in a trip to Hunan and possibly one other location in the south.  

Program Details


Mid-May - Early-June 2014 (tentative travel dates)

Students will spend 3 days in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and Hunan, with side trips to other places for a total of 15-18 days.

The international flight is non-stop from Newark, New Jersey; everyone will depart together from Rochester.

Please view a sample itinerary from the China 2010 trip by clicking here.

Costs and Financial Aid

Costs for the Trip*

Total costs, inclusive of international airfare, domestic travel in China, food, hotels, tour guides, etc. are around $4,000. This does not include your personal spending money!

Airfare: $1,500

Travel visa: $200

Travel Insurance: $100

On-the-ground costs: $2,200

Total Cost = $3,500-4,000

*Please note: All rates are subject to change.

Application Deadlines

This is a 3-step process that begins in late fall.

Travel Documents

A valid passport and visa are required for this trip.

Living Accommodations

Students will stay in 3-4 star hotels in various cities.

About China

For more information about China, please visit the websites below:

About China

Travel to China

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