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University of Pécs


Please contact Kathleen Hansen for application details.


Please contact:
Kathleen Hansen
Assistant Director 
Overseas Studies & Exchanges
Phone: (585) 389-2673
Office: G-119

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University of Pécs

University of Pécs is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary.  The university historic roots date back to the Middle Ages, when Anjou King Louis the Great established the first Hungarian university in Pécs in 1367.  The University of Pécs offers various educational, cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunities.  A selection of courses are available in English within the Humanities and Business Programs.  With their Business Program considered one of the best in Hungary, the University of Pécs embraces opportunities for continued advancement and academic achievement. 

Pécs is “the city of Mediterranean impressions” with many unique geographic features.  At the end of the summer you can discover old fig trees in gardens and vineyards surrounded by rustic masonry on the hillside.  There is a reason Pécs is referred to as the “City of Grades and Wine”: the higher temperature provides a variety of excellent sweet wines.  People who have lived in Pécs for several generations call themselves “tüke”, which originates from the word “töke”, or vine-stock.

It is not unusual to find traditional campuses in Hungary.  Since most universities are in large cities, most students rent apartments and commute – hence the atmosphere is different to that at Nazareth College or in Rochester.  However, Pécs offers both: students either rent apartments in the city or live in dorms with other students.  Either way, the university is located close to the heart of the city and it is not uncommon for students to walk around Pécs to discover the numerous possibilities for entertainment.  Shopping centers, movies, restaurants, cultural events or concerts, history or 21st century: Pécs is both an exciting and unforgettable place to study.

Program Details

Application Deadlines

Fall (September-February): May 15th

Spring (February-June): November 15th

Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay Nazareth College tuition and retain their full Nazareth financial aid packages (excluding work study).

Living Accommodations

Students are responsible for arranging and paying for room and board. They may choose to live in private rental accommodations near their campus; utilities and food are not included.

Travel Visa and Other Documents

Once you have been accepted to the program, University of Pécs will contact you with visa application procedures.

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