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First Year Resources

First Year Resources


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    (585) 389-2882
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    Smyth Hall 22
Naz Summer Start
summer students

The Nazareth Summer Start Program is designed to provide a jump-start to incoming first year students. LEARN MORE.

At the Center for Student Success, we are "Committed to the Success of First-Year Nazareth Students and All Students in Transition." We do so by:

  • Advocating for new students
  • Listening to and problem-solving with students
  • Educating the college community on new student needs and concerns
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff to create programs assisting new students
  • Training student leaders on the needs of new students
  • Supporting parents of new students
  • Providing resources and ideas for programs supporting new students
  • Developing campus initiatives to encourage student success and persistence
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