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Meet Our Alumni

Get to know some of the Theatre Arts alumni!


"I treasure the time I spent at Naz and especially the experiences I shared in the Theatre Arts Department. I transferred from another school..."
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Musical Theatre

"Nazareth College really helped establish who I am as an actor and as a human being. I was lucky enough to be offered my first regional acting gig (right out of college)..."
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Theatre Arts with Teaching Certification

In addition to teaching 9th and 11th grades, Kelli Loucks is the Theatre Arts instructor at Mendon High, and serves as co-advisor to the Drama Club...
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Theatre Arts

Since graduating in 2006, Mary Tiballi has worked in both the business and the art of theatre, enjoying consistent employment as an actor...
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Technical Production

"Since graduation I have moved to New York City where I have been working as a freelance Stage Manager. Less than a year after graduation..."
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