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Walking Groups


Do you want to see who is participating in this program?

Check out the participant list included under the "Walking Group Resources" section.

The "Walk & Talk: Walking Groups @ Naz" program is not only a wonderful social option for members of the Nazareth community, but also an opportunity for you to  succeed in your personal wellness goals!

Simply put together a group of staff members, read the information below, complete a registration form, and begin having fun! Free pedometers will be sent (via campus mail) to staff members who sign up to participate in a walking group! If you do not have a group, but are interested in joining, please view the list of group participants to find group leaders you can contact regarding joining a group.

*Pedometers will be distributed to staff members who did not receive a pedometer at a previous SWL event and while supplies last.

Walking Group Resources

Walking Group Registration Form

Walking Group Progress Tracker

Website to Help Map Your Route

Campus Tunnel Distance Maps

Walking Group Participants & Milestones (coming soon)



Important Walking Group Information

  • To register a group to participate in this program, please complete and submit the bottom portion of this form.

  • Each group is responsible for tracking their own distance and progress. In order to track your progress, helpful maps and charts are available on the Staff Work Life website (see documents listed above).

  • Once a group reaches a specific landmark (25, 50, 75, or 100 miles), they can submit their progress by emailing    In the email, please include the group leader’s name, the milestone reached, and the date of this accomplishment. A document showing participant names and each group’s progress will be regularly updated on the Staff Work Life website.

  • Progress updates should only be submitted for distances walked as a group (all group members do not need to be present each time). Distances walked as an individual at any other time should not be included in your group’s progress.

  • Groups should only walk before or after work, or during approved breaks and lunch.

  • Registered groups can track their progress together from the time they sign up until the end of the academic year. At the end of each academic year, group leaders will be contacted by a member of the Staff Work Life Committee to see whether or not the group would like to stay together for another academic year. If the group does want to stay together, their information will be updated on the Staff Work Life website, and they can begin tracking their distance for the new academic year.

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