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Research and Assessment Resources

This page contains links to useful Institutional Research and Assessment Resources on the internet.

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Assessment Links

  • IPEDS College Navigator: Internet tool developed by the National Center for Education Statistics to compare colleges based on the information filed in federal IPEDS reports.
  • UCAN: Internet tool for college comparisons based on the Common Data Set (data included in most published ranking surveys such as US News) and submitted by each participating college.
  • North Carolina State Assessment Resources Page: A listing of over 800 resources for assessment in almost any form categorized by topic. This is an excellent resource for both academic and administrative assessment
  • An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube: This 55 minute lecture for the Library of Congress in June, 2008, presented by Dr. Michael Wesch from the University of Kansas. It is a very engaging description of how the internet culture is developing. He has a channel on YouTube with other lectures and clips that are equally provocative and timely.
  • A Portal to Media Literacy: Presentation by Dr. Michael Wesch, U.S. Professor of the Year, 2008, University of Kansas, given June 17, 2008 at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Wesch explains the use of internet tools in his classes ranging in size from 10 to 200. An example of adapting pedagogy with the use of current and developing technology.
  • The Use of Portfolios and the Implementation of iPortfolio: Presentation by Dr. Katherine E. Cummings from Western Michigan University on the university's experience implementing electronic portfolios. Please select Dr. Cummings presentation currently located on the top of the left column on the page.
  • Assessment of "Understanding" Essay from the Carnegie Foundation web pages regarding the classroom assessment of "understanding" as a student learning outcome.
  • Metarubrics for the 14 AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes: These rubrics were compiled as part of the AAC&U VALUE project. "Each metarubric contains the criteria most often found in the many campus rubrics collected and represents a carefully considered summary of criteria widely considered critical to judging the quality of student work in that outcome area."
  • Written Communication VALUE Rubric
  • Student Affairs Assessment Resources: Scroll to the bottom for additional resources
  • Assessment_Non-Teaching-Units_Measures.doc:  Large list of possible assessment measures for Non-Teaching Units

Middle States Links

Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Link to the Middle States home web site.

Surveys: 2010-11

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