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Faculty & Staff

Dr. Christine Bochen

This video is part of a series focused on the work of scholars of religious studies and theology in America.

Religious Studies is:

Analyzing religion from a perspective of critical inquiry, engaging issues of ethical and social responsibility.

Susan Nowak

Susan Nowak

Professor and Chair
GAC - 303

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Education: B.A., Nazareth College; M.A., Temple University; Ph.D., Syracuse University

Teaching and Research Interests:
Since my introduction to the study of religion as an undergraduate, I have been fascinated by the startling similarities and unexpected differences between and among world religions. When connected to my research interest in feminist thought, Holocaust studies, and interfaith dialogue, this fascination has led to sometimes disquieting, but always thought-provoking, insights.

The courses I teach explore religion and religions in terms of women’s experiences and gender role expectations; the connection between theological antisemitism and the Holocaust; the link between religious intolerance, violence, and genocide; and the development of interfaith relations as a path to peace and justice. One of the most exciting parts of teaching at Nazareth for me is helping to create short-term study abroad trips: “The March: Bearing Witness to Hope” and “Walking in the Footsteps of the Prophets.” To find out more about these amazing opportunities and the ways they can enhance your college experience explore them on the Nazareth website or contact me directly.

Janice Bertoni

Janice Bertoni

GAC - 361

Christine Bochen

Christine M. Bochen

GAC - 309

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William H. Shannon Chair in Catholic Studies

B.A., D'Youville College; M.A. and Ph.D., The Catholic University of America

Teaching and Research Interests:
Dr. Bochen studies and teaches Roman Catholic theology, feminist theology, American religions, and spirituality (particularly the works of Thomas Merton).

Corinne Dempsey

Corinne G. Dempsey

Associate Professor

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Education: B.A., Oregon State University; M.A., Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley; Ph.D., Syracuse University

Teaching and Research Interests:

My main areas of teaching are in the Hindu traditions, global Christianity, gender/politics and religion, and mysticism.  The aspect of religion that most fascinates me is how religion and culture intertwine and inform one another.  This has led me to explore religious practices typically thought to be "out of place," such as Christian pilgrimage and saint devotion in south India and Hindu temple worship in North America.  My work has led me to the joys and challenges of comparison, a process that looms large in my courses, in my most recent book called Bringing the Sacred Down to Earth: Adventures in Comparative Religion, and in my recent adventures with Icelandic trance mediums and spirit healers.

Thomas Donlin-Smith

Thomas Donlin-Smith

GAC - 358

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Director - Institute for Professional Ethics

Education: B.A., The Ohio State University; M.Div., Wesley Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Virginia

Teaching and Research Interests: In addition to teaching our introductory course in world religions, “Exploring Religion,” I enjoy learning and teaching about religious ethics. My current cycle of courses includes “Biomedical Ethics,” “Ethics of the Professions,” “Religion and Science,” “Living Well: Ethics in the World’s Religions,” “Christian Ethics: Stories of Virtue and Violence,” and our “Junior-Senior Seminar.” I am very fortunate that our department allows me to teach courses that fit my passions so well.

The Christian ethics course reflects the fact that I was raised within Christianity and trained in Christian ethics in graduate school. On the other hand, Religious Studies professionals are curious about the human religious experience across cultures and traditions, and so in a course like “Living Well” I take a comparative approach. My education at the University of Virginia emphasized training in the fascinating field of biomedical ethics, a specialty I have maintained and taught over the years. From that biomedical ethics starting point, my curiosity has moved in two directions. I have developed interests in the relationship between religion and science and spiritualities of work and professional life – and so I have developed courses on both of these themes.

Finally, I’m also fascinated by the connections between stories or myths, religion, and ethics, and so a student should expect to read quite a lot of fiction in some of my courses. A sample of that interest in religion and myth can be seen in my articles, “Exploring Diversity through the Epic of Gilgamesh” and “The Spirituality of the Epic of Gilgamesh.”

George Heyman

George P. Heyman

GAC - 385

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Education: B.A., St. John Fisher College; M.Div., St. Bernard's Seminary; M.A., St. Bernard's Seminary; Th.M., Harvard University; M.Phil. and Ph.D., Syracuse University

Teaching and Research Interests:
Dr. Heyman studies and teaches ancient Near Eastern religious texts, Second Temple Jewish literature, the Bible, early Christian history and theology.  He has a special interest in the sacrificial ritual and rhetoric of the Abrahamic religious traditions. 

Jan katz

Janet S. Katz

GAC - 385

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Education: B.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Columbia University

Terry Reeder

Theresa H. Reeder


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Education: B.A., Nazareth College; M.A. St. Bernard's Institute; Certificate of Advanced Study in Women's and Gender Studies, Syracuse University; degree in progress, Ph.D. Syracuse University.

Teaching and Research Interests: Ethics, gender, race and sexuality; comparative religions and pedagogy, and feminist liberation theories. Areas of special interest are Indigenous Religions, Christianity and marriage.

Donald Schwab

Donald F. Schwab

GAC - 385

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Education: B.A., St. John Fisher College; M.Div., St. Bernard's Seminary; D.Min., Colgate Rochester Divinity School; Ph.D., The Graduate Theological Foundation

Muhammad Shafiq

Muhammad Shafiq

GAC - 356

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Director - Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies & Dialogue

B.A. and M.A., University of Peshawar; Ph.D., Temple University

Teaching and Research Interests:
Dr. Muhammad Shafiq studies and teaches comparative religion, theory and method in Religious Studies, Islamic Studies, Interfaith Studies, and Malcolm and Martin. He directs the interdisciplinary minor in Interfaith Studies. His research interest are mainly in the area of Islam and Interfaith Studies.
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