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Psychology Department

Psychology Department


Faculty Spotlight

Interview: Dr. Ryan O'Loughlin

Ryan O'Loughlin at conferenceListen to Dr. Ryan O'Loughlin talk to Rand Gardner from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality about Tough Guy Mentality and Depression. Click here to listen

Student Spotlight

CGI U Acceptance

Gina BessingDanielle Mensing

Psychology majors, Gina Bessing and Danielle Mensing have been selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University 2014.

Psychology plays a major role in solving individual, social, industrial and national problems, and in improving the quality of our lives, yet few among us really understand psychology's breadth. Many think of psychology only as it relates to mental illness.

Mental illness is an important area for psychological research and practice, but psychology is much more than that; psychology is the science of how we behave - and why we behave in certain ways.

As a science, psychology encompasses research on behavior on many very different levels -- from the reaction of the human eye to different colors and intensities of light, to the study of how individuals form opinions, to developmental stages in children, to the behavior of groups of people.

Degree Program Offerings

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  Graduate Program

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    The B.A. in Psychology at Nazareth College is a liberal arts major that gives students a solid foundation with which to pursue graduate school in psychology or a career in any number of related fields. Learn More

  • Gerontology (minor)

    Courses in the Nazareth's Gerontology minor draw upon disciplines such as the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, with a perspective that reflects the complexity of the environments within which individuals live and age. Learn More

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