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Psychology Internships

Internship Spotlight

A Little Bit About Who I Am - Meaghan Kanaley

Meaghan Kanaley's interest in behaviourism drew her to an internship at Ontario Arc.

Find out more about Meaghan's internship here.

Getting Started

1.   View Internship Agency Contacts
2.   Download Application
3.   Schedule a meeting with Dr. Bush

Contact Information

Dr. MaryAnn Bush
Professor and Department Chair

Psychology Center - GAC 338C

An internship is a part-time (8-16 hours per week), one-semester work experience. Upon successful completion of the internship, the student earns three hours of academic credit which may be applied as either a major requirement or a free elective.

Psychology Internships

What is a psychology internship?

  • A professional experience to complement your academic study
  • An opportunity to explore career options
  • An introduction to professional practice

How and where do I begin?

  • Talk with Dr. Bush; download the application form.
  • Register for the general psychology internship (PSY 483) or the gerontology internship (PSY 481)
  • Submit your application to:
    • Dr. Steitz for gerontology
    • Dr. Bush for all other areas of psychology

When do I do a psychology internship?

  • During your Junior or Senior year
  • Usually, during the academic year in either the fall or spring semester

How do I become eligible for a psychology internship?

  • Complete a minimum of 58 credit hours and have junior standing
  • Complete PSY 200, 201 and 202
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 and a psychology GPA of 3.0

Where can I complete an internship?

  • At internship sites in the Rochester area that match your career interests. View list of possible sites
  • Discuss possible gerontology sites with Dr. Steitz
  • Discuss possible sites in general areas of psychology with Dr. Bush

What is required for a psychology internship?

  • A minimum of 120 hours of unpaid work in one semester
  • Participation in college and departmental seminars
  • Completion of assignments, as indicated in the seminars
  • Earning a grade on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis

Who are the faculty involved in the internship program?

  • Your academic advisor
  • Dr. Steitz for gerontology internships
  • Dr. Bush for general areas of psychology
  • Emily Carpenter, Director of Internship Programs, Nazareth College

How do I finalize the application process?

  • Obtain names of sites and contact people from Dr. Steitz or Dr. Bush
  • Contact the site directly and arrange for your internship
  • Obtain and complete a college internship form to verify your participation

What do I get from a psychology internship?

  • Professional experience in the field of psychology
  • An opportunity to explore career options
  • Networking opportunities
  • Experience to include in your resume or graduate school application
  • Three credit hours
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