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Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department


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Alumni Spotlight

Jessica Burchfield, Nazareth College Rochester, NY math program alumnaJessica Burchfield '07
“I moved to Cambridge to work with a software company, with no computer science experience. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that they hired me because of my problem-solving skills. And I owe it in huge part to the support of the math department.” See More

Nazareth College's mathematics degree program focuses on problem solving. Mathematics is taught as a language of patterns, de-emphasizing rote learning and encouraging the integration of numerical, graphical, and symbolic approaches to problem solving. The Department wants all students to understand that mathematics is more than a collection of recipes for solving equations and that there often may be multiple correct answers to complex problems. This approach promotes critical thinking.

Nazareth students regularly compete in (and have won) the COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling, an international competition in which students spend a long weekend applying mathematics to the solution of a real-world problem. Our students are encouraged to take the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, the widely acknowledged benchmark in mathematics competitions. Many attend regional conferences on mathematics where they often give presentations of their own.

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