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Nazareth College
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American Program Director
Dr. Scott Campbell
Office: GAC - 499
Phone: 585-389-2719

Hungarian Program Director
Dr. Szilárd Szentgyörgyi
Office: Egyetem utca 10
Phone: (36) 88/624-378

The program consists of 33-equivalent US credit hours of graduate-level core and elective study. The program also builds upon the student's prior academic and professional experience.

All students are required to complete 3 credits of equivalent study in each of the four areas:

1.  American Literature/Linguistics/Arts/Humanities

2. Contemporary American Society

3. Diversity in the American Experience

4. American History

For International Students

International Students who successfully complete the Hungarian portion of the program but who do not receive a US VISA will receive a graduate certificate in American Studies. The University of Pannonia will transfer 10% of the tuition paid by the student to the university to Nazareth College.

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