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Enrollment Information

You will have time after your benefits orientation meeting to complete your on-line NazFlex Enrollment Form.  This will give you an opportunity to discuss your benefit selections with your family.

When your on-line Enrollment Form is completed, you will see a Pre-Confirmation Form, which you should review to be sure that your benefit selections were recorded accurately.  If there is an error, you can correct it by selecting the “edit” button next to the benefit in question.  If the information is correct, select “continue” button and you will receive a Confirmation Form.  Be sure to print one copy for your records and one for the Human Resources Department.


The purpose of this information is to provide a basic overview and is an illustration only.  Please refer to available brochures, contracts, or plan documents for the exact terms of the program and component benefit plans.  If any questions arise concerning the interpretation of the program and/or the component benefit plans, the answers will be determined by reference to the contracts or plan documents.

The information provided should not be construed as a promise, guarantee or commitment by Nazareth College of continued employment, the continuance of the NazFlex Flexible Benefits Program, its component benefit plans, or other benefit plans.

Nazareth College reserves the right to modify, suspend, or end any benefit plan or arrangement at any time should this become necessary or appropriate at the College’s discretion.  Faculty and staff members will be notified of all major changes to benefits.

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