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Comments/Feedback Requested!

Please let us know your feedback on our scholarship page on our facebook page:


Nazareth College believes that students should be able to choose the college that offers them the best range of educational opportunities. In order to make that choice possible, the Social Work Department has compiled a large listing of scholarships that may be applicable to yourself.  

Please note: Although the scholarships listed have been pre-screened to some degree, scholarships should be thoroughly researched for legitimacy (since there are many scams that pose as scholarships).  Guard your personal information, and remember, anything that sounds too good to be true probably is.   

Loan Forgiveness/Assistance

Below is a list of federal loan forgiveness/assistance programs to help individuals minimize their overall student loan debt after graduation.


Have questions?  Make an appointment with our Financial Aid department  and/or with a SALT  representative (a service provided for Naz students) to help you through this process.  


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