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School of Health & Human Services

School of Health & Human Services

Interdisciplinary Approach The school's unique inter-professional approach to learning, which emphasizes both the art and science of healing, is what sets Nazareth apart from many other institutions.

What first began as a social work program back in the mid 1930s, the Nazareth College School of Health and Human Services has evolved into a top learning institution for health care professionals. From nursing to speech-language pathology, from physical therapy to art and music therapy, the School offers challenging programs that prepare students to become compassionate, innovative and patient-focused leaders in the health care community.


On-campus art therapy, physical therapy and speech and hearing clinics are thriving and we are integrating services from nursing, social work, and music therapy giving students unique opportunities for interdisciplinary clinical experience.

Student Outcomes

  • High passing rates on licensure and certification exams.
  • High percentage employment of program graduates.
  • Graduates who are schooled in evidence-based practice.
  • Graduates who are caring professionals.
  • Graduates who become leaders in their fields.
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