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Clinical Issues

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that some workers face a significant health risk as the result of occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials. While Nazareth College does not feel that student teachers and clinicians face an alarming risk, the College does feel that information regarding bloodborne pathogens is critical to educators. If you are enrolled in an on-campus clinical experience or in student teaching you must attend a bloodborne pathogen training session. No pre-registration is required. Your attendance at a training session will be recorded. As regulated by OSHA, this training must take place on a yearly basis. If you have already participated in bloodborne pathogen training through an employer have that employer send a letter that includes the specific date of training to the Nazareth College Health Services Office. Any student not trained will be removed from active participation in the clinic/student teaching setting.

For CSD majors: This training is required before beginning clinical contact and must be updated every 12 months. It is also required prior to student teaching and graduate clinical practicum. It is covered in your first clinic class (CSD 360 Introduction to Clinical Methods) as well as being offered on various days & times as posted in the front matter in the Nazareth undergraduate course catalog. If you are unable to complete the training in one of the ways listed above you must see Mrs. Bradley at once to make alternate arrangements.

Pre-Clinical Observation Hours

In keeping with pre-contact observation hour requirements of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders has the following policy regarding pre-clinical observation hours at the undergraduate level:

15 hours total need to be completed prior to enrolling in CSD 360 - Introduction to Clinical Methods. Students must independently arrange these observations using the following guidelines:
  • 5 hours are completed at the Nazareth Speech & Hearing Clinic. Three hours of these hours are scheduled through Mrs. Irish; two additional hours are completed during CSD 359 with Mrs. Kwiatkowski. You must use our pre-clinic observation hour form. Duplicate forms are available from Mrs. Irish at any time.
  • 10 hours off-campus observations must be completed with ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists and/or audiologists. No more than 5 of these hours may be completed with any one professional or at any one site.

ALL STUDENTS, regardless of course sequence and timeline, must turn in the completed Pre-Clinical Observation Form in order to take CSD 360/362L. These records will be collected in CSD 359 - Pre-Clinical Observation in Speech, Language and Hearing.

Minimum Departmental GPA for Clinical Course Work

Enrollment in each of the following courses: CSD 360, 361 and 362(L) has a minimum departmental grade point average requirement of 3.0 as of Fall 2012. This average is based on the grade point average listed under "Major Requirements" on the student's program evaluation on NazNet.

Professional Liability Insurance

Although students are covered under the College's professional liability insurance policy, they may also want to consider purchasing their own individual policy to protect themselves in case of errors and omissions in the provision of services. There are a number of sources for this coverage.

The policy endorsed by ASHA is through Seabury and Smith or by phone at (800)503-9230. This individual liability insurance is available to members of the ASHA student group, NSSLHA; the annual student cost is about $35.

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