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Outside Scholarships

Outside Assistance

We encourage all current and prospective students to utilize the following links for additional scholarship searches. These search engines are free and reputable sources which provide students an extensive search for national scholarship opportunities. We encourage you to submit your personal data to each applicable search engine in order to maximize your scholarship opportunities. As each website identifies possible matches you will receive an email along with the link to the appropriate scholarship foundation and application. You should review each application carefully to ensure that you meet the scholarship foundation’s criteria.

All scholarships from sources outside the Nazareth College campus must be reported to the Financial Aid Office as soon as they are awarded. Checks in support of these awards should be directed to the Financial Aid Office. Federal regulations require that all known sources of assistance be taken into account in determining the fulfillment of demonstrated need for student aid. For this reason, it is the policy of the college to utilize outside scholarships in the following manner:

  • To reduce any unmet federal demonstrated need
  • To reduce student self help in the form of Federal Work Study, Perkins or Stafford Loans
  • When Nazareth gift plus outside scholarships total more than the cost of tuition, to reduce campus gift assistance as appropriate to individual circumstances





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