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A television clip focusing on LifePrep@Naz, a program Dr. Contopidis developed in collaboration with school and community partners.

Ellen Contopidis

Dr. Ellen Contopidis

Director/Assistant Professor

Graduate Inclusive Childhood/Early Childhood Program

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Education: B.A., CUNY Lehman College; M.S., SUNY College at Brockport; Ph.D., SUNY at Albany.
Teaching and Research Interests: Diverse learners; Assessment; IEPs; Teacher learner research; Special Education; UDL; Disproportionality; Collaboration and co-teaching; Teacher preparation. Read bio.

Kate Daboll-Lavoie

Dr. Kathleen DaBoll-Lavoie


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Education: B.A., SUNY College at Potsdam; M.S.Ed. SUNY at Binghamton; Ph.D., Syracuse University.
Teaching and Research Interests: Differentiated instruction; Social studies education; Inclusive education; Program development and evaluation; Student learning outcomes. Read bio.


Kerry Dunn

Dr. Kerry Dunn

Assistant Professor

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Education: B.A., Saint Michael's College; M.A., City College of New York; Ed.D., NOVA Southeastern University.
Teaching and Research Interests: Differentiated instruction; Literacy assessment; Supporting new teachers; Integrating UDL across all learning environments; Community relations: home/school connections; Self-reflection as a means to inform teaching and learning. Read bio.

Gail Grigg

Dr. Gail S. Grigg

Assistant Professor

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Education: B.S., Western Kentucky University; M.S., SUNY College at Geneseo; Ph.D., SUNY College at Buffalo
Teaching and Research Interests: Inclusive educational practices; Science; Assessment; Collaboration/Co-teaching; International special education. Read bio.

Shanna Jamanis

Dr. Shanna M. Jamanis

Chair/Assistant Professor

Department of Inclusive Childhood Education

Graduate Inclusive Early Childhood Education

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Education: B.A., SUNY College at Geneseo; M.S., SUNY at Albany; Ph.D., University of Oregon.
Teaching and Research Interests: Diverse learners; Inclusive practices in mathematics and science; Special Education; Instructional design; Behavior management; Inclusive education; Autism spectrum disorders; Preservice teacher education; Personnel preparation; Positive behavioral supports. Read bio.

Molly Keogh

Dr. Molly D. Keogh

Director/Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Inclusive Childhood/Early Childhood Program

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Education: B.A., SUNY College at Buffalo; M.S., Florida Atlantic University; Ph.D., Syracuse University.
Teaching and Research Interests: Preservice teacher education; Curriculum; Teachers as reflective practitioners; Use of digital technology in education; Differentiated instruction. Read bio.

   Lenora Thomas


Ms. Lenora Thomas


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Lenora has worked for the School of Education for six years, first in the Field Placement office before moving to her current position. Lenora thinks the best part of her job is developing relationships with the students. Every year she enjoys volunteering for commencement to celebrate their achievement. "The best thing about working at Nazareth," she notes, "is the sincere warmth and friendliness of the faculty, staff  and students."
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