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Corporate, Foundations, & Government Relations

Corporate, Foundations, & Government Relations


The office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations (CFG) generates support for major institutional priorities by building and sustaining relationships between the College and three sectors of our community:

  • Businesses and corporations;
  • Private foundations that are local, regional or national;
  • Elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.

CFG Relations focuses on:

  • Resource issues, such as program or capital support for the college.
  • Education and advocacy on issues of public policy or legislation.
  • Helping administrators or faculty strategize and locate resources or information relevant to their interests.
  • In collaboration with the Director of Financial Aid, educate the college community on public issues of concern to the college, such as public grant and loan programs like TAP or Pell.

Through the development of relationships with corporate and business contacts, private foundation representatives and elected officials, the college can engage in creative projects, expand capital resources, undertake research and work cooperatively in community problem solving, all in support of the common goal of providing an exemplary educational experience for our students.

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