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Tax Information

Abandoned Property

Every March, AP must send funds from uncashed checks from the prior calendar year to the State of New York as Abandoned Property. Please cash any checks issued to you immediately or New York State law requires these funds eventually be sent to the NYS Comptroller.

Out of State Tax Exemptions

Nazareth College carries tax exempt forms from the following states:

  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania

If you are traveling for the college to one of the above states, request their tax exempt form from Accounts Payable before your trip.

Tax exempt forms:

New York State sales tax exempt forms are available in Accounts Payable. To purchase something tax exempt, take your Nazareth College ID and the completed tax exempt form to the vendor at the time of purchase.

Tax IDs

Social Security numbers or tax ID numbers are required for all payments to individuals not on the college payroll and to qualifying vendors. "Request for Taxpayer ID (federal form W-9)" can be obtained in the AP office.

Before January 31 of each year, the AP Office issues 1099 Forms for those individuals and vendors earning $600 or more from the college during the previous calendar year. If you have a question regarding 1099s, call Accounts Payable at 585-389-2035.

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