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Student Reflections

Student Reflections are a critical aspect in the Community-Based Youth Development program. Reflections allow students to look back at what they have discovered and explore how it has formed them both personally and academically. For example, CYD 480: CYD Capstone provides each student individual time and guidance with faculty to reflect upon the integration of his/her major and the CYD program.

The following reflections are from students who have taken courses in the CYD program:

"Being able to interact with the youth in the Rochester community has given me the opportunity to expand my self-knowledge as well as my understanding about world beliefs and biases on youth. I have learned that over the years certain stereotypes have been made by society about youth. Violence, teen pregnancy, and other issues like these are often linked with the youth. As a society we have placed this negative attitude upon the youth, which is only setting them up for failure. As a society we need to break this stereotype. The youth in our society have the ability to do great things but we have to allow them to and we should not hold them back with our negative assumptions."
- Nazareth College CYD Student

"The details of CYD 201 were a mystery to me. I wasn't really sure what to expect while I was enrolling in this class. I initially decided to take the class because I thought it would help me to decide upon my future major/minor and look towards options for my future profession. Little did I know that this course was going to have such a tremendous impact on my life."
- Nazareth College CYD Student

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