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Fall 2013 Semester

Your NazAlert authorization code will be sent via email to your Nazareth account before the start of the semester. Reminders will be sent at various times throughout the academic year if you have not yet registered. You can also register during move-in day.

NazAlert is a centralized notification system that will simultaneously notify all students, faculty, and staff of an emergency occurring on campus. In an emergency, the NazAlert system will be used to inform you of the nature of the emergency and emergency steps to be taken. This system is free.

How to Register with NazAlert

Access NazAlert for the First Time

  • Open your e-mail from Nazareth Campus Safety inviting you to register with NazAlert.
  • Click on the link in the email OR go to and click Register
  • Enter your authorization code as it appears in the email/letter. (Note: You may want to copy and paste this code as it is somewhat lengthy.)
  • Click Next.
  • Click No in answer to "Are you an existing Everbridge Member?"

Create Your System Password

  • Type a numeric password in the Create Password box and repeat it as prompted to confirm.
  • In the Select a Password reminder section, select a reminder question from the Question list and type your answer.
  • In the Email Address box, type your e-mail address.
  • Click Next.

Create Your Alias Member ID and Password

  • In the Create Alias section, type an alias member ID in the Alias Member ID box. (Note: the alias ID and password can contain both letters and numbers, and can be used to easily log in to the system.)
  • In the New Alias Password box, type your new password and repeat it as prompted to confirm.
  • Click Next.

Update Your Contact Information

  • Fill in your personal information as prompted. Some basic information will already be filled in; please fill in as many fields as possible.
  • Click Next.

Set up Your Contact Paths

Contact paths are methods by which you will be contacted in the event of an emergency, and you are able to prioritize in what order NazAlert will contact you during an emergency notification.
  • Type your phone number, email address and/or IM name in the phone number or address column. (Note: If you are entering a mobile phone, you do not need to select from the Provider list. If you include Instant Message, you need to specify AOL, MSN or Yahoo from the drop down box.)
  • Select the same priority number for each delivery method in both the "Emergency Priority" and "Standard Priority" columns, with 1 as your most preferred method of contact. (Note: Set your cell phone and SMS [cell phone text message] at a high priority level; email should be set at a lower priority as delivery of email messages can be delayed.)
  • Click Finish and complete your NazAlert registration.
Please remember that if your contact information changes (i.e. you have a new cell phone number), you will need to log-in and update that information with NazAlert. Please keep all of your login information for future reference.

NazAlert Fast Facts

Emergencies covered by NazAlert

NazAlert is prepared to handle any mass emergency on campus. Emergencies at Nazareth College are extremely rare but we are constantly planning for everyone's safety. Some examples where NazAlert may be used include:

  • Extreme weather events such as wildfires, tornadoes, floods, or blizzards.
  • Violent action on or near campus such as an armed individual
  • Major accident on or near campus
  • Major local chemical release
  • Act of terrorism on or near campus

It should be noted that the use of NazAlert is at the discretion of the Director of Campus Safety.

How NazAlert works

You get to choose how NazAlert contacts you. You choose multiple contact methods when you register, and prioritize them. NazAlert will contact you using your first choice. If it does not get a response from you, then it will go to the second and so on. The system will keep trying to contact you until it receives a confirmation. The methods of contacts are:

  • Cell Phones
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Instant Message (AOL, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Stationary phones - Home/Apartment/Res Hall/Office
  • Campus Email
  • Private Email

In an emergency, the communication steps in NazAlert are:

  1. Nazareth College offices create voice and/or text messages describing the emergency and what steps are to be taken.
  2. NazAlert systems simultaneously contacts all students, faculty, and staff using their preferred communication methods.
  3. Students, faculty, and staff receive message and confirm message.
  4. Additional messages and/or directions can be created as conditions warrant

Who should subscribe to NazAlert

All members of the Nazareth College community should register for the NazAlert service. Although it may never be used, it will be invaluable in true emergencies.

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