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The Charles Mills Writing Center

Mission Statement

In keeping with the Nazareth College mission statement, which asserts that the College is committed to the intellectual growth and development of students, the Writing Center's goal is to work with writers to explore and develop their ideas and aid in learning strategies necessary for effective written communication. The Center works to support students in all facets of the writing process. It seeks not only to help students succeed on individual assignments, but also to foster intellectual growth over time from writing experience to writing experience.


Golisano Academic Center 61B
Director:  Steven Tolson

The Charles Mills Writing Center

The Writing Center is open and available for use by the entire Nazareth Community. Our primary goal is provide verbal feedback about writing projects to help you identify what the next step is in your writing process. Meetings are limited to 30 minutes per revision, but you can discover a lot in such a short time.

Bring your paper or draft in early with enough time before it is due to perform a substantial revision. Bringing the paper in a couple of hours before it is due can be very stressful if you discover a lot of work still needs to be done.


  • On-site peer tutoring
  • Classroom workshops
  • Faculty training
  • Student writing contracts

More specifically

  • Peer review your drafts
  • Help identify priorities for revising your work
  • Discuss paper topics
  • Help you schedule the stages of a long term paper
  • Answer questions about APA, MLA, CMS, and CBE, or provide you with the resources to help you locate the answer
  • Help you learn how to use your handbook to look up topics about organization, structure, mechanics, and grammar

We do NOT

  • Write on, proofread, or edit your paper
  • Write any part of your paper for you
  • Predict, speculate, or guarantee what grade you will get


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