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Faculty & Staff

For all inquires about the Women and Gender Studies program, please contact director, Dr. Rachel Bailey Jones.

Rachel Bailey Jones

Dr. Rachel Bailey Jones

Director - Women & Gender Studies
GAC - 293

Christine Bochen

Christine M. Bochen

Professor - Religious Studies
GAC - 309

Learn More about Christine Bochen

Education: BA, D'Youville College; MA and Ph.D., The Catholic University of America

Teaching Areas:
Women and Christianity, Contemporary Catholicism, Christology, Christian Spirituality, Spiritual Autobiography, Death, World Religions

letters and journals of Thomas Merton; Thomas Merton: The Essential Writings (Orbis, 2000)

Current Research:
Thomas Merton

Mary Ann Bush

Mary Ann F. Bush

Professor - Psychology
Psychology Center

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Education:BS, M.S. Bradley University; Ph.D., University of Illinois

Teaching Areas:
Psychology of Women, Physiological Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Sport Psychology

Current Research:
issues of empowerment, self-esteem and self-efficacy in female athletes; the sexual victimization of college women

Jennifer Burr

Jennifer S. Burr

Associate Professor - Wilmot Library

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Education: BA in American Studies, Nazareth College; M.L.S., School of Information and Library Science, SUNY Buffalo; MA in International Relations, Maxwell School, Syracuse

Teaching Areas:
Instructor for the Library, Freshman Seminar; Women and Censorship

"Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries", College and Research Libraries News, November 1999 issue.

Candide Carrasco

Candide Carrasco

Professor - Foreign Language
GAC - 389

Learn More about Candide Carrasco

Education: BA, University of Bordeaux; MA, Universite Paul Valery; Ph.D. in Contemporary French Theatre with a minor in Contemporary Latin American Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Teaching Areas:
French and Literature

articles on Central American women writers; writing a book on Zoë Valdez

Research Interests:
Hispanic and Latino writers and marginalized literature

Other Information:
accomplished playwright

Hilda Chacon

Hilda Chacón

Associate Professor - Foreign Language
GAC - 383

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Education: BA, University of Costa Rica; MA and PhD, The Ohio State University

Teaching Areas:
Contemporary Literature and Culture of Latin America; Women Writing in the Margins of the Globalization Process; Feminist Theory (FLLD, Women's Studies Program and Honors Program)

Political Cartoons in Cyberspace: Rearticulating Mexican and US Cultural Identity in the Global Era (Book Chapter). Through and Other's Eyes: Mexico Reading the United States. Vanderbilt UP, 2008 (in print); "Testimonial Narrative As A Form Of Literary Journalism: A Collage Proposal With Students." Speaking desde las heridas. Transborder/ transfronterizo Cibertestimonio Writings (septiembre 11, 2001-marzo 11, 2006). Compiled and Edited by Claire Joysmith.

Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas de América del Norte (CISAN)/Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and Whittier College, California, publishers. Mexico: 2008 (in print, forthcoming); "Elena Garro: 'cabra loca', 'bocona', apropiadora de palabras" [Elena Garro: 'Crazy Goat', 'Big Mouth': Reappropriating Words]. Revista de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea (RLMC), 2007 Year XIII, Number 35, vol. 14. El Paso, TX: University of Texas at El Paso. [ISSN: 14052687]

Current Research:
Co-editor of "Antología de testimonios centroamericanos" [Anthology of Testimonial Narratives from Central America], with Dr. Elizabeth Coonrod-Martínez, Chair of Chicano and Latino Studies Department, Sonoma State University, CA; Co-author of "Movimiento social y género en la guerra más cruenta de América Latina en Guatemala [Social Movements and Gender Issues in the Cruelest War of Latin America in Guatemala]".

Leanne Charlesworth

Leanne Charlesworth

Associate Professor - Social Work
Smyth - 363A


Isabel Cordova

Isabel Cordova

Assistant Professor - History & Political Science
GAC - 460

Lynn Duggan

Lynn Duggan

Professor - Art
Arts Center - 156

Learn More about Lynn Duggan

Education: BA, Purdue University; M.F.A., Washington University

Teaching Areas:
Jewelry/Metalsmithing, Design, Women in Art

Professional Activities:
exhibition at regional, state, and national galleries and museums; NYFA awards 1989-90 and 2001-02;teaching at University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy, Summers 2002 and 2004

Current Research:
visual iconography of the female body as it reflects cultural ideologies

Thomas Lappas

Thomas Lappas

Associate Professor - History & Political Science
GAC - 459

Timothy Kneeland

Timothy W. Kneeland

Associate Professor - History
GAC - 454

Learn More about Timothy Kneeland

Education: BA& MA, SUNY Buffalo; MA& Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Teaching Areas:
American history and politics, history of American psychiatry, History of Science

Pushbutton Psychiatry: A History of Electroshock with Carol Warren; numerous book reviews and encyclopedia articles

Current Research:
how Presidents of the United States used radio to develop and maintain political power

Lindsay Korth

Lindsay R. Korth

Professor - Theatre Arts
Arts Center - 20

Learn More about Lindsay Korth

Director of the Arts Center

BA, Mount Holyoke College; M.F.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Teaching Areas:
acting and directing; performance art

Professional Work:
acting and directing

Other Information:
kinesthetic learning - in all aspects of the life of the body as it intersects with the energy exchange between the actors, the text, and the audience

Mark Madigan

Mark J. Madigan

Professor - English
GAC - 479

Learn More about Mark Madigan

Education: BA, St. Michael's College, Vermont; MA, University of Vermont; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Teaching Areas:
American literature, African-American literature, composition

American and African-American literature

Mireille Le Breton

Mireille Le Breton

Assistant Professor - Foreign Language
GAC - 391

Adrielle Mitchell

Adrielle A. Mitchell

Associate Professor - English
GAC - 487

Learn more about Adrielle Mitchell

Education: B.A., Hunter College, City University of NY; M.A. and Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz

Teaching Areas:
women’s studies, gender studies, feminist theory, English

modern poetry and poetics, psychoanalytic criticism, English education, feminist theory and modernism/experimental literature

Susan Nowak

Susan Nowak

Professor - Religious Studies
GAC - 303

Learn More about Susan Nowak

Education: BA Nazareth College. MA, Religious Studies, Temple University; Ph.D., Religion with certificate in Women's Studies, Syracuse University

Teaching Areas:
Holocaust studies; liberation thought; peace & justice; evil and suffering; Islam; world religions

women and the holocaust; post-Auschwitz Jewish/Christian relations; Jewish feminist theologies in North America

David Page

David Page

Professor - Psychology
Psychology Center

Learn More about David Page

Education: BA, Framingham State College, MA; MS Framingham State College; Ph.D. Tulane University, LA

Teaching Areas:
Social and Developmental Psychology with an emphasis on the connections between theory, research, and application in these areas; Statistics and Experimental Design

Research Interests:
social cognition: how our understanding of others and ourselves is related to social interaction; how attitudes and attributions mediate reactions to victims and to those who deviate from social conventions

Olena Prokopovych

Olena Prokopovych

Assistant Professor - Political Science
GAC - 458

Yamuna Sangarasivam

Yamuna Sangarasivam

Assistant Professor - Anthropology
GAC - 308

Joseph Viera

Joseph M. Viera

Professor - English
GAC - 496A

Learn More about Joseph Viera

Education: BA, Florida Atlantic University; MA& Ph.D., The Florida State University

Teaching Areas:
American and Latino/a literatures: the novel, the short story,
personal narratives, poetry, and drama

US Latino/a literatures, particularly Cuban American fiction, with a focus on the intersection of gender, race, politics, and culture in the construction and performance of identity; "Exile Among Exiles: Cristina Garcia" in Poets & Writers, and "Matriarchy and Mayhem: Awakenings in Cristina Garcia's Dreaming in Cuban" in The Americas Review

Marie Watkins

Marie Watkins

Professor - Social Work
GAC - 125


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