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MAD Festival

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Contact Heather Roffe, director and assistant professor of dance, at 585-389-2163 or

When: Friday,  February 15 - Sunday, February 17, 2013

Classes begin at 1:00pm Friday, and the final class is at 2:00pm on Sunday, with a show at 4:00pm!

What: A festival of master classes in a variety of dance styles and movement practices, including traditional technique classes, cultural and social dance, somatic modalities, performance styles, improvisation and choreography. 

Over 30 classes will be offered over the 3-day weekend, culminating in a lecture-demonstration performance by the Rochester-based, modern fusion company, FuturPointe Dance.

[FuturPointe Dance]...”is accessibly emotional, dramatic, humorous, hard-core —and most importantly, fresh.”     Anna Reguero | Democrat & Chronicle

"The FuturPointe dancers... are electric, with deceptively relaxed movements and fabulous rhythms.”     Lindsay Christians | The Capital Times, WI

Who: Classes are taught by local, regional, and national artists, many with Masters of Fine Arts degrees, or degree candidates, and a wealth of experience and expertise among them!

Other special guests and master teaching artists include:
- Illstyle and Peace Productions - a Hip Hop company based in Philadelphia
- Stephanie Fittro - Broadway Dancer/performer and teaching artist, based in NYC
- Dr. Suzanne Oliver - Alexander Technique Practitioner and PhD in Kinesiology
- Dr. Staffan Elgelid - Feldenkrais Practitioner and PhD in Physical Therapy
Classes are open to all levels of experience, and anyone ages 15+ from the community.

How:  Registration will occur onsite, throughout the day in the Upper Lobby of the Arts Center, Nazareth College.

Friday 2/15, 12:00pm-6:30pm

Saturday 2/16, 9:00am-7:00pm

Sunday 2/17, 9:30am-4:00pm

Tickets for classes can be purchased at registration - $5 a class, or 6 classes for $25 ($2/class discount for Nazareth students w/ID).

Class Schedule and Descriptions

Friday, February 15

HIP HOP - a short lecture/discussion on the different elements of hip hop culture: rapping, DJing, dancing, graffiti, etc. Class will include a warm up, learning choreography, and then developing and performing it!
Instructor: Anna Corvera

*BREATH FOR DANCE/STAGE/LIFE - How the breath can enhance of hinder the physicality and emotions of dance. How can we use the breath to enhance our movements? How can the breath restrict our motions? How can we become more flexible in our movements by allowing the breath? How will the breath reflect our emotions when we are on the stage, and when we live? This workshop will bring in breath work ideas from The Feldenkrais Method, Yoga, Tai Chi and other Movement Arts to allow the artist to express themselves fully by using their breath in a natural and uninhibited way.
Instructor: Staffan Elgelid

*ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE - "Artful Being: Integrating the Alexander Technique and Voice Work to Inform Movement Practice." This workshop will include a basic vocal warm-up and alignment awareness activities based upon the Alexander Technique. Oliver and Childs will guide the development of a small movement phrase that explores concepts personally relevant to workshop participants.
Presenters: Suzanne Oliver and Ruth Childs

IMPROVISATION/COMPOSITION - Students will warm up improvisationally, explore several different improvisatory ways to compose, and create short solo works that we can perform in small groups and give feedback on. Class will address the importance of giving and receiving artistic feedback and how to approach the task with kindness and integrity.
Instructor: Liz Osborn

INT/ADV. MODERN - This intermediate/advanced modern technique class will explore concepts of weight sensing through release technique and structured improvisation.
Instructor: Nicole Kaplan

MODERN AFRI-STYLE DANCE - This energetic fusion of West African, Modern, and Hip Hop dance is both hardcore and giggle inducing. Special attention will be paid to footwork during this workshop, though full body coordination will be utilized throughout. All levels and abilities are welcome. Class will include warm up, center floor, across the floor sequences, structured improvisation (time permitting) and cool down.
Instructor: Melinda Phillips (FuturPointe Dance)

DANCE THEATRE/TANZTHEATRE - This creative compositional class is built from the work of German choreographer Pina Bausch. Class will explore the nuance of gesture and its power as a means to communicate through movement and text. We will develop source material and small group choreography following a list of prompts that becomes progressively complex. Prior experience not required.
Instructor: Eran Hanlon

BALLET & REP (4:30-6:30) - Ballet & Classical Repertory. This is an intermediate level ballet class emphasizing classical technique, musicality and developing personal artistry. The class includes a full ballet barre warm up focusing on efficient alignment and breath. Center work will continue to build in complexity, moving through adagio, petite allegro and turning sequences, involving a variety of tempos and rhythms. Part two of this class involves learning excerpts from classical ballet variations from well-known ballets such as Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. Ballet shoes required.
Instructor: Vanessa VanWormer

Saturday, February 16

*HIP HOP WITH ILLSTYLE - Move Your Body Master Classes are fun and challenging classes which will introduce students to various dance styles such as B-Boying/B-Girling (often misunderstood as breakdancing), hip hop, lockin, poppin, modern, jazz, African, and more. The instructor will define the basic movements and techniques, and develop the movements into combinations for practice.
Instructor: BRANDON "Peace" ALBRIGHT and Company

INTRO TO FLAMENCO DANCE - Students will learn a little of the history and traditions of Flamenco dance, including rhythms created with the hands, feet, and the polyrhythmic stylings of the arms and traveling patterns. The class will also learn a basic version of the Sevillanas, which is a traditional partner dance from Spain.
Instructor: Anna Corvera

CARIBBEAN CONTEMPORARY - Class draws its inspiration from contemporary, modern, jazz, and ballet. Discover FUTURPOINTE Technique and the joy of dance in a contemporary fusion class. Explore the folkloric traditions and contemporary dance styles of Cuba and Jamaica, ballet and urban dance in an energetic comprehensive class that includes a traditional warm up, center floor sequence, series of progressions, and breathing exercises. Participants will enjoy a class that starts out centered and meditative that gradually becomes high-spirited and powerful - with live drumming!
Instructor: N'jelle Gage (FuturPointe Dance)

*THE MUSICAL BODY/THEATRE DANCE - "I Got Rhythm!" After warming up, Ms. Fittro will introduce short sequences of famous theatrical choreography and break them down into their elements of character, dynamics, breath, rhythm, intention. Next, Improvisation exercises move the dancer from interpreter to creator, and help close the gap between theatrical dance and Jazz Music. Students will learn how to count an accompanist in, find appropriate tempos, and get in touch with their sense of time, the "inner drummer" that allows for great musicianship, whether dancing, singing or acting. Throughout, Ms. Fittro will touch on awareness practices that open up breathing and nourish the dancer's mind/body so that he or she is open to the moment, and ready to play, neither forcing nor holding back. Finally, actor/audience relationship is explored.
Instructor: Stephanie Fittro

OPEN BALLET - This class will explore personal artistry within the classical structure of the ballet aesthetic - any level of experience welcome.
Instructor: Juliana Utz

BEG. MODERN - This class emphasizes development of basic modern dance concepts and technique. Class concepts include: alignment, body awareness/connections, sensing weight, developing strength and control, musicality, and the elements of dance. Although driven by my own sense of modern dance, many class components are drawn largely from and/or inspired by my experiences with May O'Donnell technique. Choreographic excerpts take the place of shorter combinations, allowing students to simultaneously develop creative expression, stage presence, and technical abilities. While previous dance experience is helpful, this class is open to students of all levels.
Instructor: Sarah Coolidge

LATIN JAZZ - This workshop Introduces Latin dance and technique with Afro-Caribbean roots (Salsa/ Mambo, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, etc.) while blending with urban dance and modern day jazz style. A fusion of technique and rhythm, this workshop is at the intermediate level and geared towards those with Latin and/or Jazz, Ballet or Hip Hop experience. Proper dance attire (no baggy clothing), barefoot or jazz shoes.
Instructor: Darin Price

TAP: ROOTS & RHYTHM - A class exploring Tap's place in the history of American jazz dance - concentrating on rhythms and timing, body percussion and improvisation.
Instructor: Anna Corvera

CONTACT IMPROV - Contact improvisation is a physical technique and practice in which the use of touch and weight sharing provides the starting point for explorations through partnering improvisation. Within this supportive introductory class we will explore fundamental contact improvisation techniques with one another. We will start with heightening our relationship to gravity and electromagnetism then delve into partnering games to increase kinesthetic awareness and to get to know one another. The last half of the class will focus on specific tasks and concepts of weight sharing that will challenge movers to expand contact possibilities. Movers of all levels are welcome.
Instructor: Eran Hanlon

*MUSICAL CHOREOGRAPHY - The class will learn sequences from Stephanie's experiences in the National tours and Broadway productions of West Side Story, Hairspray and Legally Blonde, choreographed by Jerry Mitchell.
Instructor: Stephanie Fittro

STRETCH AND STRENGTH - This is an exercise class that focuses on improving dancers' flexibility and strength. Drawn from my knowledge of dance, Pilates, yoga, and other bodywork modalities, this class conditions the body head to toe and increases body awareness. The combination of exercises is also designed to balance the body, prevent injury, and improve posture. No dance experience necessary. This class is also beneficial for athletes and health enthusiasts of all kinds.
Instructor: Sarah Coolidge

INT/ADV. MODERN - This modern movement style will focus on the use of momentum and the ability to recognize initiation of movement in the body. Some floor work is included and the style can be described as athletic and "dance-y".
Instructor: Michelle Pritchard

INTRO TO SALSA - This workshop is designed for beginners and those with no formal salsa dance experience. You will learn basic footwork, turns and a partnered turn pattern combination. Participants will also learn proper timing, posture, weight transfer, frame and connection. The end result will be a connection between your footwork & body movement with the music! As a social dance, participants will rotate partners throughout the workshop.
Instructor: Darin Price

COMPOSITION/CONSTRAINTS - Class will investigate various approaches to choreographing with spatial and movement limitations. After warm-up, students will use a learned movement phrase to develop and create their own choreography, "thinking outside of the box," by being constrained...
Instructor: Falon Baltzell

MODERN PHRASE WORK - Michelle's constant investigation of movement has led her to create a unique vocabulary of raw momentum and intricate relationships within the frame of tightly structured environments. Her choreography can be described as abstract and human, broad and physical, sophisticated and intimate. This class will learn long phrases of her choreographic vocabulary, with a focus on performance.
Instructor: Michelle Pritchard

Sunday, February 17

50's/60's MUSICAL THEATRE - The class will include a warm-up with cardio, core strengthening and stretching exercises, and isolation work. Down the floor progressions will explore basic jazz dance technique as well as 50's and 60's vernacular. The class will culminate with an energetic combination choreographed in part by Ricky Hinds (Assoc. Director, Newsies).
Instructor: Jody Deloria

BALLET TO BROADWAY - Intermediate level Ballet Barre with center work inspired by "old school" show dance... Fred and Ginger inspired... utilizing classical technique with a show biz twist!

YogaDANCE/HEALTHY MOVING - Experience the health benefits of simply moving and moving simply! Learn tools to increase movement efficiency in technique class and in everyday life. This intermediate technique class combines the principles of Iyengar Yoga, Shin Somatics, and contemporary dance technique. Learn to love how you move!
Instructor: Sarah Gullo

CARIBBEAN/DANCE HALL - An energetic exploration of Caribbean and Jamaican movement. Dancehall & Reggae from the early 70's to present, emphasizing influential elements of other genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz & Rock'n Roll. It also focuses on the folkloric movement of the islands that has evolved and re-entered the popular social dance arena.
Instructor: Guy Thorne (FuturPointe Dance)

TAP: OPEN LEVEL - Class for all levels, includes a technical warm-up, down the floor exercises, and finishing with a center combination. We will cover standard steps, and time-steps with added challenges for the more experienced!
Instructor: Jody DeLoria

CONTEMPORARY PHRASEWORK - This class involves a series of initial exercises (incorporating elements of Bartenieff fundamentals, yoga, ballet, and modern dance) designed to prepare the body and mind for engagement with an extended movement phrase that is created by myself and the students. Students of all levels will be able to engage with contemporary dance from multiple perspectives and have a creative, kinetic experience.
Instructor: Kathy Diehl

INT/ADV. JAZZ TECHNIQUE - For an experienced jazz dancer looking to work on his/her technique in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. The class will begin with a center warm-up: isolations, stretching, and conditioning. Class will continue across the floor with a variety of movement series: battements, pirouettes, leaps, and jumps. Lastly, the class will learn a lengthier combination in the center to combine all of these elements. The final combination will explore a multitude of characteristic jazz shapes and lines, fused with contemporary, upbeat music.
Instructor: Brittany Grimm

JAPANESE BUTOH DANCE - This ambitious and intense workshop will introduce concepts of Butoh (A Japanese dance theatre form) influenced by the Hijikata Tatsumi Method. This Japanese dance theatre form typically involves playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments and is traditionally performed in white body make-up with slow hyper-controlled motion, with or without an audience. By accessing the body as metaphor for words and words as metaphor for the body, we will cultivate and explore similar states of being that resist any particular form.
Instructor: Eran Hanlon

AFRO-BRAZILIAN SAMBA - This class will focus on Salvador da Bahia in the northeast of Brazil, where many African traditions are preserved. The movement taught is inspired by teachers from carnival blocos or Afroxes (samba groups) of Salvador. This parade style expression is based on the movements originated by Ile Aile, the first Bahian Afroxe in a style of dance called Dancas dos Blocos Afros.
Instructor: Oluyinka Akinjiola

LECTURE-DEMONSTRATION/PERFORMANCE BY FUTURPOINTE DANCE - In the 3 years since their inception, the Rochester-based modern fusion company has already performed throughout New York state, including New York city, as well as touring to Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. FuturPointe's work is distinguished by the melding of Afro-Caribbean dance styles, with modern, ballet, and the inclusion of film and dance videos. The company is sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, and is mostly recently a recipient of an Arts & Cultural technology grant through the FARASH Foundation.
[FuturPointe dance]..."is accessibly emotional, dramatic, humorous, hard-core - and most importantly, fresh". - Anna Reguero | Democrat & Chronicle
"The FuturPointe dancers... are electric, with deceptively relaxed movements and fabulous rhythms." - Lindsay Christians | The Capital Times, WI

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