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Arts Center Facilities

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Box Office

Callahan Theater

Studio 48

Costume Shop

Sands Performance Studio

Peace Theater - A14

Performance Spaces

Callahan Theater

State of the art 1000 seat hybrid (proscenium-thrust) stage newly renovated in 2009 with a modified fly system. The department produces two plays in the theater yearly: a non-musical (often a period piece) in the fall and a large musical in the spring.  The department shares this space with the rest of the college for lectures and other large performances including the Arts Center performing arts subscription series.  Nazareth students receive a free ticket to every Arts Center season performance with valid ID at the box office.

Studio 48

100 seat black box with flexible seating. Two plays are produced here annually, a musical and a non-musical, with emphasis on minimal intimate staging.

Masters Family Community Theater

180 seat proscenium stage. This space doubles as an acting studio during the day. Student productions and one acts are mounted here.


Dance Studios

George Studio: Across campus in a space that was once a chapel (complete with cathedral ceilings), Dr. Person often refers to this space as her “cathedral of dance.” The space has suspended marley floors, a mirrored wall, and complete video, DVD and internet support.

Sands Performance Studio:  Behind Callahan stage, this space is used for both acting and dance class.  It is used by touring dance companies for warm-up activities and class before performance.

Design Studios

A70: Design studio with internet access and computer support. The space is part of the new renovation and outfitted specifically for the needs to theatre design instruction.

Costume Shop:  This space was doubled in size during the 2009 renovation.  It is equipped with all that is needed to learn costume construction and for students learning to build the costumes for the department season in a laboratory setting.

Scene Shop: Built in 2001, this state of the art facility has a two story height in one portion of the room to enable entire sets to be constructed prior to be loaded into the performance space.  Like the costume shop, it is equipped for students to learn construction and painting techniques in course work and in production laboratory.

Music Teaching and Practice Studios

The music department plays host to ample, individual practice rooms - each equipped with a piano and well-suited to solo or small-group practice sessions.  Weekly individualized instruction takes place in spacious teaching studios located in or near the theatre or music departments.  Our dance studios and studio theaters are in constant demand for small ensemble and large group rehearsals, repertoire classes, and workshops.  Hallways, stairwells, and any indoor or outdoor areas are home to students creating art in a "found" space.

Lecture Hall

A-14 (Peace Theater) seats 180 in set seating with a modest stage and podium. This space is perfect for pre-performance lecture discussion, film and DVD viewing, as well as traditional lecture courses.

Production Spaces

Dressing rooms: The Arts Center has large men’s and women’s dressing rooms, small men’s and women’s dressing rooms and 3 flexible quick change rooms behind Callahan.  This allows for multiple simultaneous performances allowing the building to be a real center of creation. A sound system is linked to all dressing rooms from the Callahan Stage.

Green room: A comfortable space with couches and kitchenette, with sound piped in from Callahan and close access to Studio 48, this room is ideal for performers to relax before during and after the show and to get directors notes for adjustments.  Production meetings are often scheduled in this room.

Box office, lobby space and lounges:  The department is completely supported by beautiful spaces that were renovated 2009 to make for a superior experience for audience members.

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