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Sustainability at Nazareth

Sustainability at Nazareth

Nazareth College students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are working to promote sustainability across campus and to the community beyond through our GREENprint@Naz efforts.

Fueling the Fryer

Watch the video to learn how recycled French fry oil is helping to (bio)fuel Nazareth's green efforts. Featuring Geoff Robeson and Bob Sanderson.

Nazareth College's Sustainability initiatives are collectively known as "GreenPrint". The Campus Sustainability Task Force has completed the GreenPrint@Naz Report, which contains recommendations on a plan for reducing our consumption of natural resources and for moving toward campus climate neutrality. The campus is already doing some great things that are environmentally friendly and helping us to conserve energy.

As a member of the Nazareth community, you can help! You play an important part in helping to make a difference by making small changes in your everyday lives. Please take a moment to look at our current and proposed list of initiatives and provide us with your feedback and ideas.

Do you have questions or comments about sustainability at Nazareth College? Contact us at!

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