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Energy Conservation and Efficiency

  • The Facilities Department currently operates a green fleet, including 4 fully electric cars and two electric golf carts.
  • Nazareth's Energy Management Plan was published and made available to all
  • Core network and IT servers are being virtualized, a process that allows for consolidation of server hardware and increased energy savings. Power meter readings were taken in the datacenter prior to work starting, and will be monitored throughout the project.
  • Energy efficient motors, lights, boilers, and chillers are all used on campus.
  • Variable Speed Motor Drives — the drives slow the motors to match the speed needed for the load and save energy at the slower speed.
  • Computerized energy management systems lower/raise temperatures and turn air moving equipment on/off based of the occupancy of designated spaces.
  • Initiated a comprehensive heat and air conditioning set-back procedure. Heat temperatures, when possible, are set back during break times to 55 degrees.
  • Direct digital controls have been installed on all three steam boilers, saving $20 - 50K over the heating season.
  • Direct digital controls installed in several buildings to increase energy efficiency for HVAC systems
  • Parking Lot J lights have been upgraded, allowing for fewer light poles (16 to 10), and a decrease in wattage (400 to 250)
  • Replaced Gym lighting with energy-efficient lighting, saving an estimated $3,500 per year
  • Replaced a 20 ton air conditioning unit in the Shults center with a unit that is 30% more efficient; estimated to save $10K over 5 years
  • Clock Tower Commons has Energy Star compliant mechanicals where available
  • A bio-fuel refinery is on-order, expected to be delivered Spring 2009. Used fryer oil from dining services will be used to fuel all diesel fuel operated ground equipment
  • Buildings' insulation, windows and doors were upgraded to reduce the need for energy.
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