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What We're Doing Now

Nazareth College has been aggressive in its energy management. The following is a list of green initiatives that have been taken on our campus.

  • Energy efficient motors, lights, boilers, and chillers are all used on campus.
  • Variable Speed Motor Drives – the drives slow the motors to match the speed needed for the load and save energy at the slower speed.
  • Computerized energy management systems lower/raise temperatures and turn air moving equipment on/off based of the occupancy of designated spaces.
  • Low water flow toilets, sinks, and shower faucets all dispense fewer gallons of water.
  • Campus Residence Halls and some academic buildings have low occupancy during the month of December, allowing temperature set backs and reduced energy.
  • We recycle. One ton of paper made from recycled scrap saves 4100 kilowatt-hours of energy; recycling one ton of glass saves the energy equivalent of 10 gallons of oil.
  • Buildings’ insulation, windows and doors were upgraded to reduce the need for energy.
  • Our housekeeping staff uses cleaning products that are environmentally safe.
  • The Facilities Department currently operates a green fleet, including 4 fully electric cars and two electric golf carts.
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