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ENERGY STAR Shopping List

Energy used to power everyday products often comes from fossil fuel-burning power plants. Using less energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality, so choosing ENERGY STAR equipment is one way you can protect our planet for future generations. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on all electronic equipment before you buy.

Computing the Savings - ENERGY STAR Qualified Computer Equipment

  • Computer Monitors
    ENERGY STAR qualified computer monitors automatically power down to 15 watts or less when not in use, saving up to 90% more energy than standard monitors.
  • Printers
    Printers that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating can cut the equipment's energy use by more than 60%.
  • Scanners
    ENERGY STAR qualified scanners, printers, and computer monitors undergo less wear and tear because they power down to "sleep" mode during periods of inactivity.

Tuning in to Energy Efficiency - ENERGY STAR Qualified Electronics

  • TVs
    ENERGY STAR qualified TVs use about 25% less energy than standard models.
  • DVD Players
    If all DVD Players sold this year carried the ENERGY STAR, we would reduce air pollution by 6 billion pounds.
  • Stereos
    Each year, Americans spend more money to power home audio equipment when turned off than when actually in use. ENERGY STAR qualified consumer electronic products in the "off" position use up to 60% less energy than conventional equipment.

A Cool Way to Make a Difference - ENERGY STAR Qualified Compact Refrigerators

  • ENERGY STAR qualified compact refrigerators use 20% less energy than standard models.

Making a Connection with a Cleaner Environment - ENERGY STAR Qualified Telephones and Answering Machines

  • Telephones that have earned the ENERGY STAR operate on one-third of the power used by standard models.
  • If all cordless phones, answering machines, and combination units sold this year were ENERGY STAR, we would reduce air pollution by over 650 million pounds, the equivalent of taking 7,000 cars off the road.

Brightening the Future - ENERGY STAR Qualified Desk Lamps and Lighting

  • Ninety percent of the energy generated by standard light bulbs is wasted as heat, leaving only 10% to be converted into visible light. However, light bulbs that have earned the ENERGY STAR use two-thirds less electricity than conventional models.
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