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Current Initiatives

On behalf of the Sustainability Task Force, we would like to welcome everyone back to what we hope will be an exciting year for sustainability on campus! We want to thank all of you for your great suggestions and ideas. We plan to educate and expose the campus to all of the sustainable and green initiatives that are happening at Nazareth. Below you will find some of the current initiatives:

  • New paper dispensers
    New hand towel and toilet paper dispensers have been installed in all of the buildings on campus! These are stocked with 100% recycled paper and are engineered to help us to use less paper.
  • New soap dispensers
    The new soap dispensers have been installed in ALL bathrooms on campus have antibacterial soap in them.
  • Recycling Centers
    WE RECYCLE!!! New visible recycling centers have arrived on campus and are installed! In phase one, they will be installed in the following locations:
    • Shults Center: Cabaret and next to the Porthole
    • Clock Tower Commons: Main lobby
    • Kearney Residence Hall: Main kitchen
    • O'Connor 1, 2, and 3: O'Connor Commons
    • Library: Main entrance
    • Arts Center: Upper music wing
    • Smyth: Basement
  • Printers
    New printers have been installed in the Library and Computer Labs which default to duplex (2-sided) printing wherever possible.
  • Toner Cartridge Recycling
    A new program to recycle printer, fax or copier cartridges was started in Office Services! Your closest recycling point is located at the nearest copier convenience center in your building.
  • Recycled & Bio-degradable Products
    We have increased the selection and use of these products in the bookstore and dining service operations. Tote bags, paper products, cups and disposable utensils are all available and part of our operating standards.
  • Refillable Containers
    Coffee mugs and Nalgene water bottles are available for purchase on campus.
  • Education Board
    A bulletin board has been created in the lower level of Smyth Hall to highlight and educate our community on our green initiatives.
  • Conserving in the Dorms
    • Devices for measuring energy usage have been installed in all dorm buildings.
    • Light switches in the dorm rooms have "turn-off your light" stickers above them.
    • "Top 10 Ways To Conserve" reminders have been affixed to all dorm room doors.
  • Purchasing Fresh Food
    Dining services is purchasing fresh food locally within a 100 mile radius.

Spring 2009 Semester Initiatives

  • Total 6 electric service vehicles in 2012.
  • Continue with additional Direct digital controls on HVAC equipment to control inside as well as outside lighting
  • Add a Bio fuel plow truck to the grounds fleet
  • Continue with lighting upgrades
  • Install new motor controllers on all kitchen exhaust hoods. This will allow them to run only when needed and at different speeds depending on need.
  • Continue with water saving initiatives, Low flow toilets and showers.
  • Continue with lighting upgrades
  • "Clean Plate" program to increase student awareness
  • TrimTrax, waste reduction program, measures actual waste and assigns dollar figures to waste

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Installation of low water flow toilets, sinks, and shower faucets, when replacement of current fixtures is needed.
  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent tubes.
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