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Why Support Nazareth

A common quote from our alumni is that they hope others can have access to the same Nazareth experience they had. With your help, many can. Here's what a gift to Nazareth helps provide:


About one-third of Nazareth undergraduates are the first in their families to attend college, many of whom might find college out of their reach financially. Thanks to scholarships available through donations, nearly 100 percent of our students receive some type of assistance. In 2011, doing so meant allocating nearly $21 million in institutional funds.

Impact on Students

Student achievement depends in large part on the caliber of faculty and access to modern facilities, technology and resources. Gifts help recruit and retain our highly-qualified faculty, expand curriculum, provide scholarships, improve library services, enhance technology, and upgrade buildings and other needed resources.

Impact on Community

Gifts have impact beyond the College, and are an investment in the community at large. A majority of Nazareth graduates live and work in the region improving their communities. Nazareth also enhances the reputation of the region as a center for the arts, with our award-winning, newly-renovated Arts Center.

Return on Investment

  • 84 percent of Nazareth's 2006 undergraduates were employed or engaged in further study within a year of graduation.
  • Nazareth graduates fill critical teaching jobs in the region's schools and alleviate shortages in area health care.
  • According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012-13, Nazareth is tied for #1 on their list of top producers of Fulbright Scholars among master’s institutions, sending students and teachers abroad to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools worldwide.

Donor and Scholarship Recipient Spotlights

Hear from Nazareth donors and recipients, about why giving is important to them. View spotlights

Additional Food for Thought

  • Foundations and corporations look at the strength of alumni support when making decisions about their gifts and grants to colleges like Nazareth.
  • Bond rating agencies factor-in alumni participation when determining the interest rate Nazareth will pay when it borrows money. Every alumni gift—including yours—means less money paid out.
  • By showing through your annual gift that Nazareth matters to you, you make Nazareth matter to others.
  • Alumni participation is one measure of how the U.S. News and World Report rankings are compiled each year.
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