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GOLD Giving

Council Oak Society

Join the Nazareth Council Oak Society, a group of leadership donors. Learn about the benefits.

Did you know...

GOLD donors receive free admission to Nazareth basketball & lacrosse games

GOLD = Graduate of the Last Decade

  • Are you a GOLD alumni?
  • Are you leading your generation in maintaining Nazareth's tradition of excellence?
  • Are you repaying the generosity of those who came before you?
  • Are you ensuring a Nazareth education will be made available to the students of tomorrow?

Make your annual gift to the College and join Nazareth's GOLD Giving. All graduates of the last decade can make a gift to Nazareth - no matter the size.

Council Oak Society

GOLD alumni have a special opportunity to become Council Oak Society members. Instead of the $1,000 donation usually required, GOLD can join the Council Oak Society by giving at the following levels after graduation:

  • $250 Graduation Date 1-5 years
  • $500 Graduation Date 6-10 years


Council Oak Society members annually receive the following benefits:
  • Invitation to the annual Council Oak Society reception
  • Access to the Arts Center's Lipson Patrons Lounge prior to show time and during intermission of subscription series evening performances
  • Invitation to the annual spring pops concert
  • Recognition as a Council Oak Society member on the annual report
  • Recognition as a Council Oak Society member on the annual fund plaque
  • Special bi-annual newsletter with updates from the president
  • Complimentary subscription to Connections
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