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Student Activities


A goal of college education is to become self-directed. Self-direction can be developed not only through academic experiences, but also through participating in group activities outside the classroom. Enjoying a social life helps balance academic responsibilities. Extracurricular activities act as a means of bringing out potential qualities of leadership and creativity and of satisfying the need for recreation and relaxation. Students learn how to work with others and opportunities are created for interpersonal relationships, which lead to greater understanding of human nature.

The Undergraduate Association (UA) charters student organizations that serve intellectual, cultural, and social interests. In departmental clubs, students with similar interests can discuss ideas and work on projects within their field. Through some campus groups, Nazareth students work with Rochester community organizations as well as those having national and international affiliation.

The office of student activities provides students with information regarding activities, social events, publications and membership in clubs. All student organizations are responsible for maintaining records of their membership, budget accounts and program plans. Club officers meet regularly with the director of student activities.

Undergraduate Association

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