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Residential Life

Residence Hall Policies

Residence hall policies are established to protect the rights, needs and interests of both students and the College. Some policies are based on law, while others are derived from general College guidelines or the residential life room contract. They represent regulations that are necessary in a group-living situation. Students who reside in the Nazareth community accept the additional responsibilities imposed by living in common, and signify this through their contractual agreement.

The following provide a statement of Nazareth's residence hall policy:

Any questions regarding the interpretation of this policy should be referred to the department of residential life. Remember, student occupancy at a Nazareth College residence is a privilege, not a right. Students, therefore, agree to conform to standards of decent and considerate behavior, including respect for the privacy of others and the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to study and communal living. All residents must be registered full-time undergraduates. They are responsible for knowing the regulations, for observing them, and for abiding by the terms of the residential life room contract.

For more information visit our office in Kearney Hall or contact us at 389-2480.

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