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Smoking Policy

Nazareth College has the responsibility of providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Effective January 1, 2008, Nazareth College revised the policy as follows:

Smoking is prohibited in all College vehicles and buildings (including offices, residence halls, stairwells, restrooms, hallways, or lounges). In addition, smoking is prohibited in the tunnel system as well as the Cloister Walk between Smyth Hall and the Shults Center, within 20 feet of any entrance or air intake location, and in main walkways to buildings where individuals must pass to enter a building even if more than 20 feet away from the entrance. The policies of the College will change as necessary to comply with the law.

Posting Requirements

Signs are posted at all College building entrances or as required by local regulations, advising that smoking is prohibited in all areas of the facility. Departments should post this policy, and provide a copy of the detailed policy statement to prospective staff or faculty members.


Self-enforcement is expected in complying with these regulations; if necessary, supervision and management are responsible for the administration of this policy. Questions or additional information concerning the smoking policy should be referred to the human resources department.

Disciplinary Process

Faculty, staff, and students who fail to comply with the smoking requirements of both Monroe County and Nazareth College will be subject to appropriate disciplinary procedures.

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