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Policy on Computer Use and Social Networking

Computer Use

Each student who has an account on a Nazareth College computer system, or uses a computer system at the College, must follow these general guidelines and the College's policy on computer use, which is available at Information Technology Services' website. Alternatively, it may be obtained from the department of information technology services (Technology and Media Service Desk, lower level of the library). Computer users are expected to read and comply with all aspects of this complete policy.

You are not permitted to:

  • Give out your password
  • Use another person's account
  • Use any system for personal profit or gain
  • Create or distribute chain letters
  • Send/distribute threatening/harassing electronic messages, including electronic transmission of sexual or other private activity
  • Duplicate software/other intellectual property of another
  • Use computing facilities and resources in violation of copyright laws

Violation of any of these policies can result in loss of computer privileges, academic suspension, or other disciplinary action, or action by outside law enforcement agencies.

In addition, all computers connected to the campus network in the residence halls must have effective and up-to-date virus protection software installed and running

Contact the technology and media services desk at ext. 2111 for assistance.

Social Networking Sites


Social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other new digital platforms and distribution mechanisms facilitate students communicating with other students. Nazareth College believes that such sites provide students with opportunities to interact with individuals in innovative and creative ways and therefore the College does not prohibit the students from online social networking. It is critical, however, that students are fully aware of the potential negative consequences arising out of irresponsible and inappropriate caution if they choose to engage in online social networking.

Be Aware

  1. The online community is open to all and therefore anyone can access personal information that you post (personal information includes photos, contact information, location, etc.).  This information, even if posted for a day or two just to be funny, may remain accessible to everyone on the internet even if you take it down or change it.  Photographs posted on a social networking site may end up being altered, used without your permission and can be harmful to your reputation.
  2. Nazareth College administrators, faculty, staff, parents, your parents' neighbors, future employers, potential graduate schools, and local law enforcement have access to these social networks and may access information and monitor them as they see fit. You have no expectation of privacy on a social networking site.
  3. Students should be aware of who they make their "friends" on these sites. These "friends" may try to take advantage of students.
  4. Students could face discipline and even dismissal for violations of academic department, athletic team and/or College policies that occur within the framework of social media.
  5. False statements made about someone may result in a legal claim.
  6. Posted information can be used as part of a criminal proceeding or a campus student conduct proceeding.


Students will be held responsible for any actions that compromise the integrity of the College and/or academic program and/or their sport as well as any behaviors that violate the College's Student Conduct Code; federal, state, and local law.

For example, photos or statements placed on these social networks that depict harassment (including sexual harassment); vandalism; underage drinking or consumption of alcohol in violation of Nazareth College's alcohol policy; hazing; and/or selling, possessing, or using controlled substances can be used by Nazareth College administrators in connection with conduct code proceedings and athletic department decisions regarding athletic eligibility. Student-athletes should review the athletic department's policy regarding social networking sites.

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