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Guidelines for Posting

Notices, posters, or signs may be placed only on bulletin boards, approved posting areas on walls, or similar locations designated for such purposes. Notices, posters, or signs may not be placed on poles, posts, signs, trees, walls, buildings, doors, windows, glass, transparent partitions, or painted surfaces not marked as posting areas. Notices, posters, signs, etc., shall not be placed in manner or location that may obscure or mark exit signs, fire alarm boxes, safety rails, fire extinguisher cases, hand rails, and similar devices installed as safety equipment in a building.

Banners may not be hung outdoors without the permission of the director of student activities or the director of campus life, assistant vice president for student development . Banners may not be placed on the exterior of buildings without specific approval of the building manager. It is the responsibility of the individual or organization hanging the banner to take it down by the date agreed upon.

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