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Orientation Day of Service

Gallery: Service Saturday

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Day of Service 2011

475 students, faculty and staff volunteers

1,900 hours of community service 

26 community partner sites

- Adam Lewandowski, Director for Community Service

In the Fall of 2011, Nazareth celebrated the 20th Anniversary of The Orientation Day of Service. The Day of Service strives to bring students, staff, faculty, and community partners together to educate new students about the College’s mission and tradition of community engagement, encourage students to participate as active members of our community, educate students about community challenges and resources, and to provide an opportunity to give back by providing a needed service. Born from the initiative of Sister Kathy Weider and Jane Kelly 20 years ago, the tradition of starting the semester with service lives on. This past August 27th, more than 475 students, faculty, and staff provided over 1,900 hours of service at our 26 community partner sites!

This event was a joint collaboration between New Student Orientation and the Department of  Community Service with several connections to other Nazareth programs. Some of the highlights of these collaborations include links with Freshman Seminar and Academic College Success courses, as well as Alumni. T.J. Marquez’s Freshman Seminar section on sustainability provided service at ImagineIt Recycling, where students learned first hand about the refurbishment and reuse of technology, specifically cell phones and ink cartridges. Several sections of the new ACS course joined their course instructors for the service projects. This gave instructors and students the opportunity to get to know each other and to share a common experience before coursework began. Through Alumni Affairs, several alums and their families participated in the day by joining students at ImagineIt Recycling!

A favored event by Naz students, their written reflections tell us about the impact the Orientation Day of Service has on students. When asked to speculate why Nazareth College chose to offer this during orientation, one student said, “it is a good way to get involved, get to know each other, and give back.” In response to a question about what they learned from the day, students answered that they learned more about Rochester, more about the work of community organizations, and more about the power of teamwork.


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