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- Brian McGahan, Assistant Director/Otto A. Shults Center

The Nazareth College Bike Project opened on September 19th, and the response from the community has been extraordinary. Over 700 people have rented bikes since opening. Many students have enjoyed the beauty of the campus, explored the Town of Pittsford, taken trips down to the canal, and traveled to Wegmans.

The Nazareth College Bike Project is a collaborative effort between Student Activities and the Greenprint@Naz sustainability initiative. Originally, Bikes@Naz planned on stocking up on bikes purchased from R Community Bikes, and welcomed donations from members of the Nazareth community. The shop has also received unexpected donations from Park Avenue Bikes as well as Rochester community members. All donated bikes are refurbished by Nazareth College students, creating 18 work study jobs. A week after opening, Channel 8 News ran a story spreading the word that Nazareth College is trying to improve its carbon footprint and increase health and wellness.

We are continuing to grow the bike fleet and are accepting all bike donations in order to meet the rental demand. During the winter months, we are planning on having XC skis and Snow Shoes available for rent as well. Rentals are free to the Nazareth community.

This initiative is both innovative and exciting, and the Bike shop team’s hard work has paid off. Just look at the number of cyclists on campus!


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