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Current Projects

CAS Training

  • Ongoing CAS training is held to help departments begin the process of CAS self assessment. The team educates the department currently under review about the segments of the assessment and any associated challenges that go along with them. This year the Center for Spirituality and Campus Safety are participating in the self assessment process.

2013-2014 SLO Assessment Project

  • DAT members will work with the Divisional departments to help them gather evidence to assess the following SLO: “Students demonstrate growth in their own attitudes and beliefs as a result of programming that includes dialogue with diverse others.”
  • A report summarizing the results of the assessment will be created and shared with the division 

Professional development attendance by DAT members (IUPUI, WNY Consortium)

    • DAT representatives will be attending IUPUI in October
    • DAT representatives and accompanying divisional members will be attending WNY Consortium May 28th at SUNY Brockport
     IUPUI Description 
    The Institute is designed to introduce participants to innovations in assessment.  Plenary events are presented by national assessment leaders.  Concurrent sessions provide a more in-depth perspective on specific topics.  A poster session will present details about instruments or techniques. Participants will learn about new techniques and proven approaches in a variety of outcomes assessment areas, including general education and major fields, as well as capstone experiences, civic engagement, ePortfolios, first-year experience, faculty development, and student development, each of which has its own track throughout the schedule. Several sessions are designed for beginners and others are for the more experienced practitioner.

    CAS reviews

    • DAT reviewed Department CAS self-assessments from Student Conduct and Student activities in Fall 2013 and Center for Spirituality in Spring 2014 respectively 

    Recent Professional Development 

    • DAT sponsored a Fall 2013 professional development workshop in conjunction with the Center for Spirituality that provided insight into a data collection surveying model with the use of the technology Survey Monkey
    • DAT sponsored a Spring 2014 professional development workshop that featured guest speaker Dr. Rachel Bailey Jones. Dr. Jones's presentation focused on intercollegiate assessment collaboration, and the utility of P@N (Portfolio at Naz) in the assessment process. 

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