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Student Activities

Student Activities


The Office of Student Activities at Nazareth

enhances students’ overall educational experience and builds on their in-classroom learning by offering opportunities for students to develop and participate in social, cultural, multicultural, recreational, leadership and campus governance programs.  These co-curricular opportunities reflect the diversity of our students' interests/needs and contribute to their personal and professional growth.

In addition, we advise and work collaboratively with the student government, known as the Undergraduate Association (UA).  The elected Executive Board and Senators represent each UA member and serve as the student body’s voice to College administration, faculty, and staff.  The UA supports diversity initiatives through Diversity Council and provides events through the Campus Activities Board.  Together, the Office of Student Activities and the Undergraduate Association provides funding, guidance, and support to the different student clubs and organizations on campus.

Other Programs We Oversee

  • Orientation
  • Intramurals & Recreation
  • Leadership Program
  • Family Weekend
  • Involvement Fairs


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