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Clubs & Organizations

Learn more about the clubs and organizations that provide many of the social, educational, and spiritual activities of the Nazareth community.

Clubs and Organizations


Amnesty International is an independent, worldwide movement working impartially for the release of prisoners of conscience: those people detained because of their beliefs, race, sex, ethnic origin, language or religion-who have neither used nor advocated the use of violence. We also campaign for fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners and an end to torture and execution in all cases.

Amnesty International at Nazareth aims to educate the students, faculty, and staff of the college on these issues. It strives to promote not simply mere tolerance, but acceptance of our mutual diversities as human beings. Previous events have included movie nights, speakers, letter-writing campaigns, and volunteering.

If you are interested in this club please contact the club officers at


Art Club works to strengthen the experiences of art majors, unite the many areas of the art department, while providing an outlet for non-majors to explore art. Art Club has taken trips to the local Memorial Art Gallery, sponsored student shows with student work and hosted workshops with local artists. They continue to expand the ways in which art is perceived in the Nazareth Community.

Art major or not, if you are interested, contact the club officers at


Art Therapy Club works to create greater awareness of the discipline of art therapy and to connect Naz students interested in art therapy with the larger community in Rochester.

If you are interested in this club please contact the club officers at


The Association of Social Work Students (ASWS) is the Department of Social Work's student organization and falls under the governance of the Undergraduate Association of the college. Its main goals are to help students integrate their social work knowledge, skills, values and life experiences with the academic and social aspects of Nazareth College; to respond to the needs of the local community; and to enhance the presence of undergraduate social work education in Rochester and surrounding areas.

For more information contact the club officers at


CAB is the student run programming board at Nazareth and is comprised of five committees: Night Life, Major Events, Live@Naz, Off Campus Events and Spirit of Naz. They are responsible for creating and implementing a full calendar of programs each year in addition to planning traditional events including Welcome Week, Formal and Springfest.

If you are interested in joining the Campus Activities Board email


Center for Spirituality Council is an organization of students who work closely with the Center for Spirituality (CFS) staff to coordinate a variety of opportunities in an effort to fulfill some of the spiritual, educational, and social needs of Nazareth students. The Council is composed of four officers, 15 program coordinators, and at-large members. Its programs include Bible Study, Habitat for Humanity, Partners for Learning, Blood Drive, Catholic Worship, Protestant Worship, and Women & Spirituality discussion groups.

For more information on these and other programs or to get involved with the Center for Spirituality, look for CFS interest night or contact the club officers at


Chinese Club provides students with the ability to perfect their Chinese language skills and to bring together people interested in the Chinese language, literature, its culture, and its issues. It intends to provide the whole student population with a new place for knowledge, mutual understanding, and fun.

For more information on this club please contact the club officers at


The Communications, Science, and Disorders Association (CSDA) is a club open to all students who may have an interest in communication disorders and their treatments. CSDA is active in social, professional, and educational events that members will surely enjoy.

Previous events include professional speakers and presentations, professional panel discussions, freshman/sophomore/transfer dinners, end of the year picnics, various community service activities, graduate school information sessions, club bonding activities, campus-wide movie nights, and attendance at national and state conventions.

CSDA is great for students who want more knowledge and experience in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. For more information contact the club officers at


Club Italianissimo allows the Nazareth community to come into contact with Italian language and culture outside of the classroom. Each semester, the Italian Club sponsors activities such as Italian films, operas, and get-togethers in the Rochester area.

In addition, many of the meetings and activities take place in Nazareth's Casa Italiana. Members of the Italian Club share a common bond and interest in Italian culture.

Club Italianissimo welcomes the entire Nazareth community to participate in any of our events during the year. For more information contact the club officers at


Colleges Against Cancer, in collaboration with he American Cancer Society, serves to assembly college students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society with four strategic directions, namely advocacy, cancer, Relay for Life, and survivorship.

For more information, email


Dance Club offers a variety of dance opportunities regardless of an individual's dance experience. The club is a non-competitive dance group with a passion for dance and a desire to reach out to the community and to share its talents by volunteering time to instruct children of the community. Also, the club wants to raise awareness of being fit, active, and staying healthy as well as teaching ballet, jazz, and hip-hop to those members who have had no prior dance experience.

For more information, please contact the club officers at


The Nazareth Diversity Council is comprised of representatives from each of the 13 diversity clubs within the Undergraduate Association. They work together to educate the college community and to foster a greater understanding of what it means to live in a diverse world.

For more information, please contact the club officers at


The magazine is designed in-house by the co-editors and their staff, and then printed locally. The entire process—from requesting submissions; evaluating, editing, and designing the content; to delivering the final product—is a valuable learning experience for the magazine's staff, which changes each year.

To learn more about Elbowroom, contact its officers at


The French Club of Nazareth College provides activities through which students and community members may practice the French language and expand their knowledge of French culture and civilization. Various activities such as Dejeuner conversations, gourmet dinners, and weekly films are held in the Maison Francaise. The club is not exclusively for French majors, but for everyone interested in the French language and culture.

For more information contact the club officers at


The German club's purpose is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the German culture and language. Other objectives include: to provide services to Rochester and other international communities; offer activities in combination with other clubs to strive for the betterment of the student-body; support for the understanding of world cultures; and to work towards a mutual understanding of the world's people.

For more information on this club please contact their club officers at


Gerontology Club places and emphasis on creating a link between the Nazareth community and the elders in the Rochester community. The organization works to promote scholarship, professionalism, friendship and service. Their service activities not only spread the generosity and kindness seen on the Nazareth campus out into the community, but also broaden the horizons of those involved to see the diverse and growing career opportunities in the field of geriatrics.

Interested in service and gerontology? Contact the club officers at


The Gleaner is Nazareth College's student-operated newspaper. It strives to serve the entire Nazareth Community by providing timely, accurate, and important news stories in an unbiased and professional manner. The Gleaner provides a forum for the views and opinions of the Nazareth community while operating within the confines of journalistic ethics.

Any student, faculty, or staff interested in writing for The Gleaner or simply submitting an article or opinion for publication is invited to stop by the publications office in Shults Center at anytime, or email the club officers at


Individuals of all ages can help out with the construction of a house for a family in need. You do not need to have any constructions skills, just the heart and the motivation.

To find out more about Habitat for Humanity, email them at


The Inter-Ethnic Nazareth Coalition (INC) is an organization focused on spreading diversity throughout the Nazareth College campus and community. We strive to set a comfortable environment for people of all diverse backgrounds to indulge in their own culture as well as others'. We also dedicate a portion of our meeting times to discuss racial or ethnic topics; from campus issues to global concerns, positive or negative.

If you would like more information, please contact the club officers at


The purpose of the International Club is to provide a place for American students and students from other countries to come together and share cultural experiences in order to promote tolerance and understanding. Previous activities include a movie at the Little Theater and hiking at Watkins Glen.

For more information, please contact the club officers at


Intramurals and Recreation provides Nazareth students with an opportunity to participate in athletic and non-athletic activities. We host activities and events that enable students to take part in sporting events, mind games, and group exercise classes.

For more information, please e-mail


Nazareth Lambda Association celebrates diversity and aims to provide resource information about and support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. We envision a campus community that embraces everyone, including persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Lambda welcomes the participation and support of all, including our straight allies, who share in and hope to realize this mission.

We hope and believe that our group will continue to grow and develop over the years, helping Nazareth become even more inclusive, welcoming, and safe for the LGBTQ community. All students with open minds are invited to join the Lambda Association.

For more information about the Lambda Association, please e-mail the club officers at


The purpose of the LASMA is to allow interested persons to come in contact with the Spanish language outside of Spanish classes. Also, the club exposes them to areas of Latino and Spanish culture, helps them in gaining an appreciation of both the language and the culture, and provides a chance for those interested in the language and culture to express their views and share a common bond.

Previous events include: weekly Spanish films, cultural dinners, and various festivals.

For more information, please e-mail the club officers at


Math Club is primarily a community service-oriented club, with the goal of participating in at least one service-based project a month. In the past, the members have thrown a Halloween party for the Sisters of Saint Joseph, donated canned goods to local food pantries, and collected hundreds of bags of clothing to deliver to area shelters. The club strives to unite math majors and non-majors alike by sponsoring several social activities throughout the year. There is also an emphasis placed on promoting mathematical ideas and concepts by inviting guest speakers, orchestrating math "fun nights" for area schools, and encouraging students to give talks at undergraduate conferences.

The club is always open to new suggestions inspired by its members. For more information, e-mail the club officers


Music Business Club aims to provide students interested in the field of Music Business opportunities to share their interests, chances to learn more about the profession and a means to bring national and regional music business professionals on campus for lectures, seminars and performances. The club strives to network in order to learn and grow in addition to promoting their knowledge and skills.

For more information, please contact the club officers at


Music Therapy Club (AMTAS) involves the use of musical interventions by trained music therapy professionals to achieve non-musical goals. Music therapy has been used in a variety of applications with a variety of populations, ranging from developmentally disabled children to the elderly.

The Music Therapy Club at Nazareth is open to all students with an interest in music therapy. Members have the opportunity to interact with music therapy professionals at regional and national conferences each year. Other activities have included campus-wide drum circles, A Night of Jazz, an annual on-campus mini-conference, volunteering at programs with the Girl Scouts of Genesee Valley, workshops, speakers, and Music Therapy Awareness Week.

For more information contact the club officers at


National Association for Music Education (NAfME), among some of the world's largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education.

To learn more about NAfME, email them at


Nazareth Commuter Association (NCA) exists to communicate to commuter students the fact that they are a vital part of campus life. The NCA encourages commuters to take part in the various campus activities offered to all students. In addition, it recognizes that commuter students have needs and concerns differing from those of resident students.

Click here to visit the NCA webpage.


Naz Ultimate is dedicated to the future development, promotion and awareness of the game of Ultimate Frisbee. The club serves to teach individuals of all experience levels to play ultimate and schedule games and scrimmages with area ultimate teams. Naz Ultimate strives to exemplify Ultimate in its true form; where it emphasizes finesse and athleticism with competitive play while maintaining the bond of mutual respect between players.

For more information contact the club officers at


A political forum without partisan leanings.

To contact No Parties, email them at


Nursing Club exists to unify the nursing students at Nazareth College by providing a system of support of faculty and peers. Also, the club provides non-nursing undergraduate students the opportunity to join and participate in fundraising, community service, and gain a knowledge and understanding of the importance of health care issues that particularly relate to nursing.

For more information, please contact the club officers at


The Philosophy Club is an unofficial, student-run, departmentally advised discussion group; traditionally, philosophy majors take turns leading the discussion and circulating preparatory materials. The group aims at developing the skill of discussing issues philosophically.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the club at


Physical Therapy Club strives to provide an educational, social, and charity minded organization for all individuals sharing common interests and future goals relating to physical therapy. Club activities revolve around and promote learning about the physical therapy profession and any related topics. Annual events include: guest speakers, and various volunteer and social activities.

For more information contact the club officers at


The Pre-Health Professionals Club is geared towards those students interested in pursuing a career in any of the various health related fields. Most club members are those who are pursuing minors in pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-vet, but those students who are interested in other medical fields such as podiatry or optometry are also encouraged to.

The focus of the club is to bring together, in both a social as well as an academic setting, those students who share a common career goal. Some of the activities sponsored by the club include Jaws in the Pool movie night, and social trips to a Rochester Amerks hockey game and the Amaizing Maize Maze.

The club also prides itself on its dedication to the community, as members have participated in a wide variety of community service activities. These include bowling with the Special Olympics, a Valentine's Day party with the Sisters of St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center, and taking part in both the Breast Cancer and MS walks in Rochester.

All students are invited to contact the club officers at


The Psychology Club's purpose is to bring knowledge and understanding about issues of mental health to the Nazareth community through education and service activities. Goals for this club include: introducing students to careers in Psychology, encouraging interaction with the department faculty, participation from students with other majors, and providing service opportunities in the field of mental health and well-being.

For more information contact the club officers at


The Ministry of Magic, a club devoted to the fictionalized world of Harry Potter, allied itself with the College's Quidditch team. In the Harry Potter series, Quidditch is the wizarding world’s most popular sport, sort of like soccer played on flying broomsticks. Nazareth’s team practices twice a week, with the goal of competing in the Quidditch World Cup.

To learn more about Quidditch Club, email them at


Residence Hall Council (RHC) is an organization that represents resident student interests and concerns on campus. The council acts as a student advocate organization, in addition to providing activities for the resident population. Some of the activities sponsored or coordinated by RHC are: Siblings Weekend, Halloween Mixer, the campus movie channel, and the Volleyball Tournament.

For more information contact the officers at


The Nazareth College Science Club is committed to presenting science as a diverse and exciting field to students and the community. Science Club members are involved in several social activities including deciphering the Amazing Maize Maze at Long Acre Farm, hosting a campus dip-off competition, and annually attending an Amerks Hockey game.

Students of the club have also volunteered with the Adopt-a-School Program, which brings science into fourth grade classrooms. Additionally, students have volunteered to work with kids during National Chemistry Week demonstrations at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

For more information, contact the club officers at


The Ski and Snowboard Club provides a school affiliated organization that allows students to participate in events relating to skiing and snowboarding. It is the organization's intention to offer students the opportunity to ski once a week at a discounted rate as well as have access to transportation to the off-campus event site. This club also provides the opportunity to fundraise and plan group ski trips that are open to the entire campus to promote the activity within the student population.

For more information contact the club officers at


Student Athlete Mentors (SAMs) is a club that focuses on helping other students and themselves maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. The club tries to promote the healthy and safe lifestyle by running educational programs, presenting speakers, and running campus-wide events to help raise awareness.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the club officers at


The Student Occupational Therapy Association is an organization that focuses on the impact and current issues that affect the Occupational Therapy profession. It is a student run club through which all OT students and faculty have a part in promoting a community through various learning and fundraising experiences.

The Organization will facilitate communication between our members and the professional community. Furthermore, Occupational Therapy students will engage in educational, service, and social opportunities.

Lastly, we will promote interest not only in our fellow peers, but the community as well. Creating a fully integrated experience throughout the Nazareth campus will bring a greater awareness to the Occupational Therapy Program. If you are interested in this club do not hesitate to contact the club officers at


Nazareth's Theatre League is an active student group dedicated to exposing students to theatre and the arts. The Theatre League plays a large role in producing all four of the Theatre Departmental productions, as well as other small-scale productions. The league also holds other club activities and events including acting workshops and trips to area theatre events. Most of all, the Theatre League has a lot of fun producing first-rate theatre!

For more information contact the club officers at


The purpose of Wishing Well is to recreate the magical world of Harry Potter and explore it from an intellectual and practical perspective. The Wishing Well wants to enrich and nurture the creativity and imagination of its members. Wishing Well plans to contribute to the community through volunteer services that support local children to make a difference in our local community.

To get in contact with The Wishing Well, please email them at


WNAZ is the campus radio station at Nazareth. The station is operated completely by interested students and features a number of talented DJs throughout its daily programming and advertising. WNAZ can be listened to on campus as well as being heard through the college closed-circuit television. Most recently, WNAZ has begun to stream online.

Any person interested in becoming involved with or advertising on the station is asked to contact the club officers at

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