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Billing Procedures & Policies

Accounts are due and payable in advance approximately two weeks prior to the first day of each semester. Full time undergraduate students who have registered for the Fall Semester during course selection week in April will receive a bill from Student Accounts by the third week in July. Spring bills will be mailed out the first week in December to those full time undergraduate students who course selected in November.

The final balance on your bill (after Financial Aid has been subtracted) is payable by cash, check or automatic bank payment (ACH).  Make checks payable to Nazareth College and return with the upper portion of your billing statement.  ACH payment can be made from your U.S. checking or savings account by following the link Pay Tuition Online found on the left margin of the Student Accounts’ Website.

Nazareth College will no longer be directly accepting credit or debit card payments as a means to make tuition related payments, including tuition, fees, room and board.

Nazareth has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions (Nelnet) to offer additional payment plan options for your fall and spring semester expenses. These payment plans offer interest free monthly installments for a $25 enrollment fee per semester. Students are able to pay semester balances in full through the Nelnet portal for a $2 processing fee. Payment methods accepted by Nelnet include Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) or credit/debit card. Please note that any payments made by credit or debit card will be charged a convenience fee by Nelnet. For additional information on payment plans, payment options and related fees, please contact Nelnet directly at 1-800-609-8056 or visit their website:

 If you are anticipating financial aid to cover your balance and it is not showing on your bill, you will need to obtain a deferral from the Financial Aid Office and return it to Student Accounts along with your semester bill prior to the start of the semester. In order to receive a Financial Aid deferral, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed with the Financial Aid Office.

In order to confirm your attendance for the semester, and to complete the registration process, all payments and deferrals must reach us by the due date on your bill. Students whose bill reflects no balance or credit balance due, do not need to return their bill unless their are changes that need to be made.

Effective with the Fall 2012 semester, Nazareth College will no longer de-register students for non payment. However, students will need to satisfy their billing obligations by their billing due date or they will be in jeopardy of being assessed a $250 late payment fee.  Outstanding balances will need to be paid in order to participate in housing selection, course selection as well as to obtain transcripts or a diploma upon commencement. Registration after the first day of the semester is subject to a late registration fee.

Students who register after course selection week should contact Student Accounts following registration in order to make arrangements to settle financial obligations. Depending on the timing of your registration we may not have the opportunity to generate and mail a bill to you. You will need to pick up your bill in our department; we will advise you of your bill's due date.

Students are responsible for any college debts they have incurred, including library fees, parking fines, tuition charges and related fees.

If a college debt must be referred to outside sources for collection, the student will be responsible for paying additional collection costs including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and disbursements.

Nazareth College reserves the right to withhold grades, transcripts, diplomas, or re-registration in those instances where financial obligations are not fulfilled.

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