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Information Desk

Information Desk Resources
  • Faculty/staff phone and office numbers
  • Stamps
  • Mailboxes to send mail on and off campus
  • Lockers rented by semester
  • Maps of Rochester area
  • Informational newspapers
  • News events on and around campus

If something is going on here at Nazareth, the Information Desk will have the scoop! The information desk is located directly off the front door of the Shults Center and has the same hours as the building. Everything and anything you could possibly want to know can be answered by one of our Desk Attendants.


585-389 2322

Summer Hours

Sunday - Saturday: 7 a.m. - 10 a.m.


Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are located throughout the building and are an effective way to communicate events or items you are trying to sell. Anyone on campus may post something on the bulletin boards.

If there is a group from off-campus looking to publicize in the building, the posters or flyers must be approved by the Building Director before they can be posted. You can leave the forms at the Information Desk and the Attendant will make sure that the Director or the Assistant Director gets them.

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