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Service-Learning Scholars

Nazareth College Center for Service-Learning

Service-Learning Scholars Program


The goal of the Nazareth College's Center for Service-Learning (CSL) Service-Learning Scholars Program is to support the mission of Nazareth College's Center for Service-Learning, as well as promote the education and integration of high impact practice service-learning and the scholarship of engagement at Nazareth College.


To achieve this goal, one representative from each of Nazareth College's School's (School of Management, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Health and Human Services, and School of Education) are invited to serve as a Scholar for a maximum of two years.  The role of the Service-Learning Scholars is to provide consultation and assistance to educate, advocate for, and showcase service-learning high impact practices.  Specifically, consultation and assistance activities of the Service-Learning Scholars include:

  1. Attend meetings to provide consultation related to CSL operational and administrative mechanisms (e.g. assessment and quality assurance practices, faculty development opportunities, resource deployment practices)
  2. Represent and promote service-learning at faculty events (e.g. Divisional Meeting, Departmental Meetings, faculty development)
  3. Recruit and mentor one faculty member within one's department or school to incorporate service-learning in their courses.
  4. Incorporate service-learning into their courses during their tenure as a service-learning scholar.

Criteria to serve as a Service-Learning Scholar include:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the Six R's of Service-Learning best practices: Rigorous Learning, Relevant and Responsive Service, Reciprocity, Risk and Reality Assessment, Reflection, and Recognition and Celebration (Watkins, 2013)
  2. Taught at least four courses with a service-learning component
  3. Served, or is currently serving, on a campus-wide initiative that could foster the institutionalization of service-learning
  4. Produced scholarship about their service-learning practice (presentations or articles)


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