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Goal of the North Star Project

Goal of the North Star Project

What is the North Star Service-Learning Project?

The North Star Service-Learning Project is a sustained, interdisciplinary, and inter-collegiate community partnership. With the sponsorship of Nazareth College and the mentorship of Dr. David Anderson, local historian and Community Scholar in Residence at Nazareth College, current service-learning teams include:

  • Nazareth faculty
  • Nazareth students from art history, art education, history, communications and media
  • Freshmen Seminar course participants
  • Monroe Community College service-learning course faculty and students

The North Star Service-Learning Project merges faculty's scholarly expertise with students' desire to learn and serve in conjunction with the wisdom of local historians and community experts to create public history curriculum and educational materials.

Goal of this website

This website showcases the ten Underground Railroad museum panels. In addition, the website offers a variety of resources for the community, including:

  • Downloadable resources and course material, including course syllabi
  • Presentations and videos produced by Nazareth College faculty and students
  • Student activities
  • Bibliographies
  • Video interviews
  • Museum panel pictures

The Project aims to make the history of Rochester come alive through service, community action, and rigorous experiential education to show that we are all connected through history.

One example of a completed project is the production of a portable public display of ten six-foot panels that illustrate Rochester, New York's role in the Underground Railroad. The panels were designed by Art Department alumna Ariana Duncan using materials developed by current Nazareth and Monroe Community College students. They were presented by faculty and students at the International Underground Railroad Conference on September 28th, 2007.

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